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Econo Auto Sales

Country United States
State Colorado
City Denver
Address 4404 West Colfax Ave.
Phone 303-623-1926

Econo Auto Sales Reviews

  • Aug 25, 2015

Buyers, please be aware of this pathetic crap place. I bought a 2004 Jeep Cherokee. My down payment was $3900. somehow i ended up with $489 monthly payment for 42 months. That is $20,538.00 plus my down payment. They guy Wes promised me to have the problem that was causing the check engine light on to be fixed. And the spare tiree was on the driver side front with 3 differnt size tires. i was to get a set off new tires. The second day my spare tire blew out. No jack to fix it nor no tire. Called Econo auto sales and Wes hung up on me that he was busy and never called back. So i paid $162.50 to have the jeep towed to a tire place on 22nd Sheridan. My Jeep sat there for 2 weeks till I could pay for the $620 for 4 tires that were all the same size. the guy told me that Econo Auto sales burned him and he had to call the cops to get his money. After calling Wes over and over, i get a call from a Sade which i guess is the owner. He said that nothing was on writting about my tires being replaced. That i signed a we owe form stating nothing was owed. This Jeep was not road worthy at all. After my tile deal. It kept stalling oit and over heating. So i took it a repair shop on Colfax ave, It so happened that the repair shop has 6 of Econo Auto sales cars on there property. They have had them for over 3 years the owner never paid his bill to get them from repair. After having the shop look at my Jeep. The mechanic guy said that there no way the Jeep only had 124,256 miles. It was in bad shape and the Econo Auto Sales was known for selling vehicles that were salvaged, rebuilt, pieced together. I had called back to Econo spoke with Wes and he said this is a as is Jeep. There nothing they could do. The repairs were going to cost $2700. I asked him if the miles were correct, his answer was he didnt know and did not care. a month later I am still unable toget my plates or pass emissions. I asked if i could return the vehicle and possibly get a refund. I had only put 112 miles on it in the time period. Wes said nope not happing you can switch cars we have a 2001 cavalier that we can switch you into. I said I would think about it. I parked the Jeep till my next payment and went ib to make my payment the owner was in his office, which looked like a tornado went off in it. I paid my payment and calmy said the Jeep has been undriveable for the last 3 weeks and wont pass emissions. He was on a blue tooth talking with someone else in a foreign language and a guy was waiting at the door to paid on service work. i heard him ask Wes if he had a check for the cars he worked on. The owner said oh i am sorry I hope you can get it fixed. I said can you help me, so I can get it plated. He sais non mam. Sorry. I walked down the street to the repair shop. Asked if they would work with me on ewpairs and let me go on a payment plan. They were not able to help me out, due to the owner of Econo owening them money. The lady said why dont you pull a car history carfax on the jeep. I went another on Colfax to apply for a loan to see if i could qualify. My credit score was a 692 and i been on my job for 16 years. He said you have good credit and we can send this loan to a credit union for you. I was really confused because Wes at Econo Auto told me that he wasnt even going to run my credit because i had told him i may have a collection on credit from the eye doctor, that i was making payments. He interviewed me for a hour sand said after a few payment a loan company will pick up your loan and this will help you out with credit and this is the vehicle that we have that fits your credit critera. After talking with John at another dealership we got me a loan for $8,000 on a 2011 Ford Fusion my payments are now $201.23 for 48 months. I told him about my story at Econo. He said that they never pull credit and asked for my Vin # on my Jeep. After a 9 page report the Jeep had infact had the odometor changed out. It was reporting 178,235 miles in 2012. And suppstained flood and water damage in 2012 was a total loss vehicle. I called back to Econo while i was sitting at the other dealership. I spoke to Wes and he laughed at me when I told him and said some uncalled words in spanish. I cant get plates on the Jeep, it wont pass emissons, I cant take it back the owner said it would ruin my credit. What do I do? I went to Denver County for help. They have no records or paperwork on the Jeep and it has now been since May 2015. What do I do?

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