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Country United States
State Alabama
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  • Jun 14, 2019

They claim if you join the free webinar, you will learn step by step in detail how to create your own powerful business, but that isn't true. Even worse, the webinar dates and time are completely fake. They say if you leave, your spot will get taken, which isn't true.

Secondly, they say this is a live webinar, which also isn't true, because I watched the same exact video yesterday, and Joaquin pretends that we joined at the right time and he's just about to start, when really he's not even really live streaming at all, it's just an embedded video and if you close the tab and sign up again for the webinar, you'll see the same exact video start again.

Furthermore, when he teaches you in the video, it's nowhere close to explanatory or detailed like he said. It's all a scam to make you think he's trying to help you for free, but then at the end he tells you to buy his ecommerce masters program for $2000. He makes it seem like you have to act fast and that if you wait 20 minutes then it'll cost $6000, but that's wrong too.

He builds up so many lies, and even said you'd get $297 worth of bonuses at the end of the webinar, but all you get is the simple brief steps to making a business and a list of products that worked for him.

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