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Ecommerce Empire Builders

Country United States
State Alabama

Ecommerce Empire Builders Reviews

  • Apr 22, 2020

I signed up for a course with Peter Pru Ecommerce Empire Academy. Our first contact was a phone call scheduled so you could move forward with his course.I received a minimum of FIVE reminders of this phone call and set aside time even rescheduling a surgery I had needed just to make this call.

PETER BLEW THE CALL OFF COMPLETELY. He lied saying it was a computer glitch when even one hour before the call I had another email confirming it. After that, I lost all faith and trust in this firms ability to teach me anything. I wrote to them repeatedly, only to be blocked from emails. They do not have a phone number. Except the temporary one they gave me for the call. I was then blocked from calling that number. I called my credit card company and disputed the transaction who promised to send a form so I could report the fraud and get my money refunded which never arrived. After a couple weeks I received a refund reply from this firm saying they would not take any money from my account but they never refunded the money I paid $597.00. I never used this course. They violated their own contract then stole my money.

Anyone who can steal from disabled people are sick. The ADA is being informed and in case you don't know anyone who fraudulently abuses a disabled person whether with emotional trauma and or financial abuse, the law states they face three times the fine for each count (this is a felony county) and they get sentenced to three times the time in jail insodoing.

I now have to jump through impossible hoops, risking homelessness, due to their greed and violation of the contract we had. All while I am recovering from near death from surgery.

I am filing complaints with ADA, FBI White Collar Crime, Consumer Protection Bureau and the Attorney General. Someone has to stop thieves like these because they prey on individuals who are easy to take. Like the elderly and disabled.

Peter Pru is very convincing but make no mistake he is a liar and a thief. Do not do businesss with this firm. Instead I wholeheartedly recommend KBB Mastermind with Tony Robbins and Dean. Their course is a real game changer.

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