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Country United States
State Alaska
City Ventura
Address 1932 Eastman Avenue, Suite 110
Phone (888) 409-7773
Website Reviews

  • Oct 6, 2016

This place is trash. DO NOT USE THIS PLACE. AVOID AT ALL COST!!! I send inventory to this place over a year ago and till this day, I still did not receive my inventory back nor my money. The company sends you out rudes emails and is not helpful on the phone at all. I am now in the process of suing this company. This place is a complete scam. This company also pays for their reviews. I work in IT, so this company is using the same IP address for positive reviews to receive more business. Notice how they receive positive feedbacks and all the negative feedbacks are push to the end so ppl don't read how so many ppl did not receive their money. This company claims if you send your DVDs in, you will receive money back in exchange. I never receive any money. I'm warning ppl because you will do better selling your items on ebay and amazon because this company eagle saver is only in business to rob you.

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