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Eagle Recovery Associates, Inc.

Country United States
State Michigan
City Rochester Hills
Address 2197 Crooks Rd
Phone 248-299-1229

Eagle Recovery Associates, Inc. Reviews

  • Aug 11, 2016

My car was repoed recently. The day after I paid the money to credit acceptance, I called them so I could retrieve my personal belongings that they took OUT of my car. That's including my plate and tags. I needed the plate and tags especially because I had just paid to go get my car and can't very well drive it without them. When I asked about my possessions they told me they didn't have them anymore. And that they destroy plates and tags.

So today (2 days later) I get a notification from my apple account saying that my Apple ID was used to sign onto an iPad— my iPad. I GPS tracked it and my iPad is somewhere in St. Claire Shores... HOW? They stole everything out of my car and God knows who took my iPad or my baby's social security card (that was in my wallet in there) or mine for that matter. Crooked. Just crooks. My car was repoed once before through a different company and I would have rather paid for my stuff back like I did before than to have it all stolen like this.

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