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Eae Management group or Eaemgmt, amada records,,,

Country United States
State Alabama

Eae Management group or Eaemgmt, amada records,,, Reviews

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  • Apr 9, 2020

Eae management group or eaemgmt, amada records,,, continues to scam and harass people that make honest complaints on them. This is the latest news on eae management group or eaemgmt! when you search "eae management group scam" you will see the honest complaints about them and if you see the social media link almost at the top of the search results you will see other complainants they are ignorant about which i detail there or on another complaint site. They only intend to cause you more harm than help in your music career. They intend to make money off of the little music artists and entertainers by selling something to them that is easily far more cheaper on other websites. This is ridiculous and they are not to be trusted.

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  • May 7, 2020

update news! Eae management group threatens again!

Eae management group has threatened again in an attempt to silence me. This is what they do to get people to delete in what their oppinion is bad reviews but in reality Eae management group does not provide true value of what people pay for. Typically a $50 service they offer is outsourced to fiverr and costs $5 there. Eae management group does care more of their own profit instead of actually helping the small artists. Eae management group is not passionate about customers if they are they would not damage customers names. I am just a former employee and they damaged a fake name so when people see Eae management group scam they will see the truth.

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  • Jul 12, 2020

the real truth about eae management group and billboard

Why hasn't billboard gotten the billboard executives to prove their affiliation? Oh theyre charting artists on billboard? Any proof? How can a private company chart artists? Makes no sense.

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