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Dyro Productions

Country United States
State Texas
City Houston
Address 16920 Park Row Dr
Phone 281-945-4373

Dyro Productions Reviews

  • Apr 18, 2016

I did not make a purchase, but nonetheless found it necessary to share my experience with these scammers. I was in need of a job at the time, and after an extensive search came across an ad for a desk job for tech rep(no experience needed) for a cool 15$ an hour. I called and found the job to still be available and assured them id be in the next day. So there I was walking in the door the next day, only to see a lobby full of others frantically filling applications. I instantly knew the type of job this was, but was uncharacteristically optimistic, and blew it off and trudged foreward with the hopes that I was wrong.I wasnt. After turning in my application, I waited for my on the spot interview, which judging by the amount of people there, consisted of being 5-10 min each. I was interviewed by a young guy who told me he was a manager and if I played my cards right I could be a manager soon as well, without correcting my assumtion of the desk job. I left with a bad taste in my mouth, but like I said needed a job and told myself id make this work regardless. I showed up the next day to a group orientatian sort of thing, but it was very a matter of fact the first two days consisted of a mix between motivational speaker, how rich they were, how rich they would make us, and slideshows. Day three reared its ugly head, without a majority of those who started "orientation", and the "trainer" lugs in a freakin vacuum and finally informs us that we will be selling vacuums. Door to door. I fought off the sheer disappointment telling myself that i had dones sales before, I was good at it, I could do it I stayed against my better judgement, unlike most of those on day 3, and so on day 5 we were filling out paper work. One of the guys is about done and is asking questions about things, about legitimate concerns, and the "trainer" merely scoffs it off and asks why the guy is being so negative. They guy shoots back hes not being negative hes just asking some questions, to which his responsive is a nervous chuckle and a subject change. So the next day we were to go out on the field, and we were told we didnt have to knock, but just do presentations, which apparently the paid training wouldn't be paid until you managed to do 30 @ an hour long each happened. Like I said before I knew sales and was sure I could do this so I was set to do this until I was told last minute that everyone had to knock. This was the last straw. I was lied to repeatedly throughout this whole ordeal and even if I did beleive in the product, I could not in good conscience sell anything for these people.glad I didnt stay a minute longer, as to top it off some of these people seemed brainwashed to boot. I share my story with the hopes of saving people down on their luck,which is honestly these solicitor jobs seem to prey on.

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