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Dynatek Industries

Country United States
State California
City Valencia
Address 28170 Ave Crocker # 100
Phone 661-294-5076

Dynatek Industries Reviews

  • Jan 28, 2016

This company has a habit of calling and asking to speak to the peson in charge of shipping supplies. They tthen go into this spiel about this being their "25th Anniversary", they have come out with a new catalog and that they will send you one. They then ask if you are still using 2" tape for shipping. They then say that they'll send a box of tape to you along with a Sony radio for being such a good customer. In most cases the shipping person will say ok and then the scammer asks if you'ld like to give them a PO# or they could just use your first name for a PO#.

Ok now I'll cut to the chase. About a week later you receive the box of 2" tape along with a $2 (maybe) radio. A week after that accounts payable receives the invoice for said tape. The invoice for 96 rolls of tape is a whopping $460! Five frickin' buck a roll, when you can get better tape from Uline for under $1/roll.

I got taken when I was about 2 weeks on the job. What I did was to send the tape back (on their account) and write on their invoice, in big black letters "I will not pay this invoice. You guys are total ripoffs and scammer. Don't you have any conscience? DO NOT contact me or my comapny EVER again! And oh, by the way, I'm keeping this crappy radio to compensate for my time"

But alas, these losers keep calling every 2 or 3 months. When they do I alway try and have a little fun at their expense.

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