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Dynamic Yorkies

Country United States
State Maryland
City Baltimore
Phone 240-230-6683

Dynamic Yorkies Reviews

  • Jun 25, 2016

Upon the day of delivery which was June 17th 2016 I received a phone call and told me that she was being shipped then he told me that I would receive an email from fly Pet Express which was supposed to fly my puppy here. So I received the email and they wanted to State the acts of flying a dog and they told me I had to have puppy insurance which will cost me an extra $970 so I called mr. Johnson back and he told me to call back in a half an hour instead he called me back within 45 minutes and told me they could not deliver my dog unless I pay the $970 so I told him to cancel my order and send me a refund which is stated in their *** that you get 100% refund back. He told me that it would take a day to get the puppy back and process the paperwork to cancel the order I have not heard from him he has not returned any of my calls or my e-mails so just to let anyone knows who goes on Dynamic Yorkies do not and I repeat do not place an order or send any money because it is a rip-off.

Plain and simple I was ripped off by Dynamic Yorkies for a dog that I wanted to purchase. They told me I had to send $550 which I did and my dog will be delivered I will receive an email from the person that was delivering which was fly Pet Express and they wanted to charge me an extra $970 for the insurance and said that I would receive a 98% refund after the dog was delivered I cancel the order because of the line 70 and was told that I receive my money back the next business day I have not heard receive a text or phone call from mr. Johnson's brothertot.

  • Jun 13, 2016

I tried to purchased a adorable tea cup Yorkie named Joyce from, and shortly after sending the money via Western Union, the so called owners ( culprits),in fact wanted more money, and never did I ever gain ownership of the puppy in my possession. I was very alarmed and extremely upset for I had already feel in love with this bundle of Joy, and now I want the world to realize what a bogus business this is to keep anyone from going through a horrible and stressful matter on feelings and finances.

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