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Dynamic Recovery Solutions

Country United States
State South Carolina
City Greenville
Address 135 Interstate Blvd # 6
Phone 864-371-6450

Dynamic Recovery Solutions Reviews

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  • Feb 28, 2017

I received a debt collection letter of almost $500. 00 for a past due account from "Pendrick Capital Partners, LLC", saying that they got the account from an Urgent Care location. I also received a phone call from the same people the same day. I have never ever received any treatment from this medical office! I have not received any other notices or letters warning of any kind of regular bill for this either. Just this debt collection letter, which also states, that they will not report it to any collection agency, at the bottom of the page. I went online to see if there was anymore clear information about the people saying I owe them. Then I started seeing other stories like mine, coming from Dynamic Solutions, too. They also gave their customer service number of: 844-597-3926.

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  • Feb 23, 2019

Collection Scammers

Got a fairly long, detailed letter from Dynamic Recovery Solutions, claiming my husband owed over $1,000 in unpaid ER medical bills,

from EIGHT YEARS ago (2011).

Here's the problem with that...

1. Husband never went to that particular hospital, nor saw any affiliated doctors from that hospital, EVER.

2. Husband has both Medicare and VA insurance coverage. There would have been no outstanding charges even if he did go there, (but he didn't).

3. It is ILLEGAL (in NJ and many other states) to try and collect on ANY debt older than SIX years. Illegal. Period.

Nice Try Dynamic Recovery, nice try. SCAM.

  • Nov 26, 2018

Letter states that I have an unpaid bill for "Emergency Room Services", in Dallas. They will resolve the issue with "payments"

I haven't been to an emergency room in over 10 years AND I have excellent insurance from United Healthcare through my wife's employment that would have covered any er visits

  • Feb 2, 2016

I got a letter demanding approximately $700 from this outfit for a debt to Citibank. I had a gas card through them years ago but never thought it was for that amount. The woman I spoke to had my SS number among other personal information. I've been paying for a couple months now with no emailed receipt for payment or document stating the exact origin of the debt. What's really strange though is that they sent this letter shortly after I began actively working on my credit in anticipation of a major purchase. I honestly believe that this outfit got my information and created a completely fraudulent debt hoping I'd just pay up. Has anyone else had an experience like this?

  • Dec 10, 2015

I received a letter from an unknown calling themselves Dynamic Recovery Solutions seeking to rsolve a $500 debt. I do not owe any debt of $500 and upon checking their background find them to be a quite fraudulent company. I am at this site as they also popped up informing me of what I already found out. I thank them for being here hopefully protecting others from Big Bad Business and will earmark this site to help me in the future.

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