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Dynamic Auto Movers

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Address 13301 SW 132nd Ave #208
Phone 888-210-9906

Dynamic Auto Movers Reviews

  • Sep 4, 2017

Dynamic Auto Movers promised to move my car by a set date... when they did not come through for me - even with another week to move it, I posted a negative review on line with the BBB. I also posted my negative review on Both reviews were removed by this company who claimed they never had an order with me. Here is the scam....

When they took my order they said NO DEPOSIT UNTIL WE FIND YOU A TRUCK AND THE TRUCK PICKS UP YOUR CAR. I thought great... that works for me. But when they don't pickup and fail... they claim you never had an order with them and the review is removed - thus their high ratings which are totally false and misleading!

Don't believe these scam artists. Find a company that will commit to you and actually find a truck. I lost a lot of valuable time trying to use these idiots. Don't be fooled. Simply pick another company.

  • Jul 20, 2017

Chris Xavier of Dynamic Auto Movers LLC is the most unprofessional, unethical, dishonest, and shady person I have ever dealt with. I should have listened to the actual transporters and brokers who said they are the WORST company to deal with.

I submitted my information on a site to have my car moved. I received a number of bids all in the $650-$700 range. Chris was the most aggressive with his marketing, spamming my email every day. He said he could get it moved for $700 and to provide him the exclusive ability to work on it because the other people I had talked to had bad reputations. So, I worked with him. A week later, no response as to where my car was. He then calls me and says that it would be $800 to get it picked up because the carrier wanted more. He said he was only making $30 on it. I said fine. A week later, nothing again. Chris then calls and says that it is now $900 because the carrier wanted more. I told him no way, I will use someone else. He then calls back and said he is doing it for nothing and it will be $840. I said fine as long as he promised it was for the carrier. He confirmed that he wasn't getting any more money.

He then sends me an invoice which shows the carrier getting the same amount, and his fee increased. When I called him out on it he gave me lie after lie. I caught him with each lie and he got more and more frustrated and eventually yelled at me saying that he worked hard and deserved more money, essentially admitting he was lying. He is an uneducated hustler from the streets and didn't know how to talk his way out of it and eventually caved.

Chris' tactics cost me over $100 more than it should have and made my car sit on the lot for an extra week. I told him that I wanted a full refund due to his shady tactics, he refused. Unbelievably unprofessional and should not be in business.


  • Jul 3, 2017

I had such problem with Dynamic Auto Movers LLC out of Miami FL I felt I had to write something for all to see.

I had them to move my car and they made everything sound so easy... they tell you everything you want to hear. Don't believe their sales pitch. It's a bunch of horse crap. Read the 12 complaints with the BBB and remember this... if they don't charge a deposit.. they can dispute the review and say you never placed your order! Horse crap. They screw up a lot more than you think I bet... they just dispute the rating review. Another company with an A+ Rating told me they don't change the deposit because they have a boiler room of young sales people with very little exprience and they don't want those young guys (that usually don't last 90 days if they can't sell)... to see your credit card information. I guess they are in jeopardy of losing their merchant processing credentials.

Another broker told me they interviewed one of their sales people who said - It was a job requirement to post positive reviews on They literally wanted their sales people to create email addresses and hit up Starbucks or other free WiFi locations and post reviews from different IP addresses. No wonder they have positive reviews posted every day! They are fake!

This company seems to spend more time trying to build up their reviews then they do moving my car!

Buyer beware!

  • Jan 2, 2017

When Dynamic Auto Movers LLC failed to pickup my car I called another company. I was told by the other company that the reason Dynamic Auto Movers doesn't charge a deposit is because when they fail... they can say they never had an order with you. They can get any reviews removed from the internet by saying the order was never placed. Slick!

My recommendation: Hire a company that has excellent ratings... commit to that company and don't let them pull what Dynamic Auto Movers pulled on me. Pay a deposit. Dispute the credit card charge if they fail. Prove you had an order and they failed. Post reviews everywhere if they fail.

Never Hire Dynamic Auto Movers LLC. They tell you everything you want to hear. They over promise and then seriously under deliver. You can't depend on Dynamic Auto Movers LLC.

  • Sep 1, 2016

They say if it sounds too good to be true it probably is....

This company has onlyl been in business for 18 months. This is a big red flag in itself. Did they need to change their name? Did the old company have such a bad reputation they had to start under a new name? Hmmm?

They told me they had their own trucks. Come to find out later... they do not have their own trucks. They lie about that.

When my Buick was delivered with tree branch scratches all over the roof, the truck driver said there was nothing he could do about that. "It happens" he said. I then asked for a bill of lading with the damaged outlined on the receipt showing it was delivered damaged. The driver refused. Big red flag there. He then threatened to hold my car hostage until I made the payment for transport in full. No discount for the scratches (some of them pretty deep scratches).

When I called Dynamic Auto Movers they admitted that the truck that moved my car was not their truck or their truck driver. They never checked this truck out or even made sure the guy had insurance. Huge problem because when I asked for copies of the truck driver info - they couldn't / wouldn't supply this information to me. It was at this point they blocked my phone number and stopped taking my calls.

Scam company! Stay away. Nightmare company - unprofessional as they come.

  • Aug 3, 2015

When I first reached out to the folks at Dynamic Auto Movers, they were MORE THAN HAPPY to offer to transport my car for me. I made one major mistake however. I told them that I needed to move the car on a specific day. Once I did that and planned my schedule completely around that date about a week before the move, they indicated that they could no longer transport my vehicle for the original price agreed upon even though we had a signed and binding contract. Instead it was going to cost me $100 more because I wanted my car picked up on a specific day even though they had this information 30 days in advance!!!

Not having much choice because of the plans I had made that revolved around my pick up day, I reluctantly agreed. The whole reason I agreed to this was because I was now in such a tight spot I couldn’t get out of with the plans I had made so I agreed with the understanding that a driver would be at my residence to pick up my vehicle ON THE ORIGINALLY PLANNED DATE IN WHICH I NEEDED THE CAR MOVED. A new contract was drawn up reflecting the additional $100 which I then signed and sent back to the company. Additionally, like the first contract I indicated my debit card info in the blanks on the form where needed. For some strange reason the employee, (Miah), that set up this move for me reached out to me on two separate occasions requesting my debit card information AGAIN. I asked why she was continually reaching out to me for information that she already had ON HER OWN COMPANY DOCUMENTATION. After several minutes she indicated that “Oh yes I see it now. It’s not often that people fill out the company agreement correctly so I don’t normally look at that section of the agreement”.

Having that sorted out, I thought, with the understanding, again, that I was agreeing in writing to the extra $100 so that the driver would be there on the day I needed them, on the day of pickup I was informed by the driver that he no longer worked with the company and that his company should have called me which they never did….EVER!!!

The only solution that Dynamic Auto Movers could provide was for me to drive my car 30 miles to the drop off point and take a taxi home.

So in summary, I paid $100 more to have a driver show up on the day I needed them, which didn’t happen with ME driving the car down to the company’s drop off terminal. Dynamic was able to get an additional $100 dollars out of me for ME to drive my own vehicle to the company drop off point. Hey Dynamic…. How about reimbursing me the $100 dollars extra I spent to DO YOU JOB FOR YOU?!!!!!

It’s a 50 50 risk with whatever company you use but a 100% guarantee that if you use this company YOU WILL HAVE PROBLEMS!!! AVOID THIS COMPANY OR USE THEM AT YOUR OWN PERIL!!!

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