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Dynamic Auto Brokers Inc

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Sussex
Address 25 Brookside Ave
Phone 1 973-875-0900

Dynamic Auto Brokers Inc Reviews

  • Apr 15, 2019

Sold on ebay undescribed rotted frame as required under NJ car dealer law . dealer issued 30 temp tag and under NJ law has to be inspectable in that state .would not past in any state rotted out frame junk $1800 $1200 to weld repairs or more .

eBay New message from: wholesaledealsonwheels Top Rated Seller(1,548Red Star) Well one thing you did show us is no matter how nice the vehicle looks on the outside and how good it runs there could be some rust issues underneath never really seen this but on wranglers that why we check them over and that's because they are known for it.

The one we have is good and would never sell a vehicle or any vehicle with any issues like that if we knew it and I think you no that and we sure didn't do it for the money because we lost money selling it to you at that price and I really thought it would do more then that thru the auction when I saw what you won the auction for but decided to give it to you anyway because we are the one that decided to sell it at a no reserve auction but bottom line that is our problem.

I know this is not a big money vehicle but like I said if I could help you I will I'm pretty easy to get along with and I know you wanted $200 would a $100 help if I refunded it to you. Reply Your previous message you sold this on ebay as running driving .As per NJ law if you are temp tags and selling running driving it has to be inspectable .

with that said it would not pass inspection in any state ,ie scrap value witch is how you properly got in first place .I little spray paint to hid rust on bumpers and pictures from 20 ft doesn't hide your responsibility for disclosure under state law .

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