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Dynami Wireless

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 208-888-5647

Dynami Wireless Reviews

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  • Apr 23, 2019

Samuel Hansen is who operates Dynami Wireless under Shansen Consulting

Sam has used a provider out of China to manufacture routers that register as ipads with their IMEI's on the mobile networks enabling him to illegally use the network with his routers. You will never receive customer care from his two network providers because TMobile and AT&T both see that you are using an ipad when they look at the SIM cards associated with the devices. Because of this the routers on occasion can or will not load websites. They ping on different towers making it impossible to qualify with anything that requires a static ip address (ie any work from home jobs or your basic hulu live). It wont be long before he is caught by one or both networks.

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  • May 14, 2018

I called LOL (Land of Leads) for internet service. Billing & Operations [email protected] off: 801-432-2385 cell: 480-577-9489 fax: 480-508-5215 The sales person guaranteed me unlimited T-mobile internet. They charged me $285.00 and transferee me to Dynami wireless ( which was the actual company I was purchasing through. Still, all with the guarantee of unlimited internet and no caps. Once the device came I had a small hiccup in the service and called Sam the customer service rep. Once he got done it was all good for 2 weeks. 2 weeks that was the trial period. Once that period was over the service was capped down to 2g service and no work at all. Once I called again I’m told no refund, and NOW they’re sorry the service doesn’t work for me, and now they can’t fix it or help me. Yet, up to the two week mark the service worked. These people are liars, and con artists. Don’t get sucked into their lies and scam. There is no real unlimited internet service. It does cap after a while no matter what they say. I deserve a refund. BUYER BEWARE

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  • Oct 8, 2019

My wifi is amazing!

Trent made sure my service was outstanding! He went above and beyond anytime I needed anything and I couldn't be happier with my wifi service! Fire wifi is the only place that even works in the area that I live in, and they're unlimited and do not lag or take a long time loading. I recommend this to any and all of my friends and family! I couldn't be happier with my service and I couldn't thank Trent enough for the impeccable customer service he has provided! I will always have this internet provider!

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