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Dynamech LLC

Country United States
State Texas
City Arlington
Address 1018 Harrison Ave #502
Phone 682-286-8529

Dynamech LLC Reviews

  • Sep 29, 2016

Brought my Company Service vehicle in for repairs

Timeline- Brought Truck to Dynamech Shop and dropped off on Friday 9-9-16- Was informed a Minimum of 3 days would be service time.

9-10-16- Was informed my truck needed another part and if I was to purchase and deliver, they would put it on instead of old one. No problem.

9-12-16-Monday, purchased and delivered part, while there I verbally asked Mechanic what the realistic time frame of expecting my truck back now that hes had it 3 days already, 4 counting Sunday, shop closed day. He stated “Tomorrow afternoon, no problem.”

9-13-16- was texted another issue came up and it wouldn’t be ready until the next morning.

9-14-16- the morning came and went and did not hear from shop, I texted and asked is my truck ready, they said “NO, they had another issue and blamed a faulty part when testing...” and would need yet more time and when I asked how much more, they rudely stated not to rush them or I can come get the truck unrepaired and they didn’t want my business. I told them that was unacceptable just get it finished and let me know when it’s ready.

9-15-16- I was texted my truck was ready to come pick it up. I paid Uber to come get me to pick me up and take me to my truck. This was my second Uber charge associated with this vehicle repair. I Paid in full by CC and got my truck. I proceeded to drive it 8 miles to my home driveway and when I got out I smelled smoke and saw a line of oil drops all the way into my driveway. I looked under my vehicle and Oil was coming out at a fast rate, this was not the original issue and was directly an effect of the Mechanic not putting it back together correctly. I immediately called the owner and let him know there was a major issue and took pictures and video of issues. The owner, Chris, Told me if I left him the keys he would pick up the truck from my driveway, get it repaired under warranty, and get it back in my driveway.

9-17-16- two days later, I texted and asked them for an update, no response. Later this day on Saturday, I texted again was asking for an update. No response at all.

9-19-16- Monday morning 7AM, my truck was still not back and no response from Saturdays texts. I texted them again and asked where was my truck I needed it for work, no response, texted again letting them know I really need an update on my truck and finally got a response. “Chris Stated, “I can come pick up the truck. I than responded what was the issue and was it fixed, they stated no not fixed and blamed the faulty parts once again and said they wouldn’t be fixing it unless they heard back from Ford Parts on whether they would pay them for labor and other things, they wouldn’t fix my vehicle. I told them that this was unacceptable and should have fixed the truck and worried about Ford later and they needed to call me because I was losing more money not having my vehicle. Chris did not call me so I called and left a VM message clearly letting them know how unhappy I was with their sub-standard work and the time they have already had my truck and needed my truck back Repaired Properly and in timely manner and how unprofessional they all have been through this entire experience.

I than received a text Clearly stating from the Owner exact verbatim text “Dude you can come get your truck and I don't ever want to see you or your vehicle at my shop again”

9-19-16 continued- So I texted id be there to get my vehicle, keep in mind I’ve already paid them by CC for $4017.88 ,plus two Uber rides at 12 dollars each and my vehicle is still broken due to Dynamechs negligence..

I go get my vehicle now a 3rd Uber trip to get this at another $12 when they promised to deliver it back to me.

I than call and put a dispute hold on my CC I sued for payment until we work out a proper settlement so I can get truck repaired [properly somewhere else since they clearly told me they wouldn’t be fixing it , therefore breaking contract.. I texted them I would only accept the truck back if id be getting a discount from unrepaired portion of labor and materials. They still gave me my truck back.

9-22-16-I brought my truck to another reputable service garage to make repairs. I Lyft to get back home at a cost of $40, later that day SFS sent me pictures of all the oil leaks created by the first mechanic as well as statements that the wrong anti-freeze was used as well during the repair and I gave them the ok to repair it. They started repair right away.

9-23-16- SFS let me know the truck was ready, I Ubered there to get it at yet another $40 cost for trip. The total documented and paid for bill this time to re-do the work from Dynamech llc was $2033.03

I preceded to drive truck home and after 48hrs of driving ,no issues with my vehicle as its finally fixed.

9-26-16 I wake up to find my truck gone from driveway, it was taken by wrecker service with a work order from Dynamech LLC, stating I stole the services and didn’t pay so they had a right to take it. I disagree they never did the work to finality and owed me what I am out of pocket and would have settled for actual parts they used etc but for far less amount given the circumstances.

After a lot of research and time I found my truck, I had to go get cash in the amount of $4515.88, that is right, another fee of nearly $500 to get my truck back, so now im out of pocket both mechanics, rides, and a towing fee total=$6658.91, not including time lost and customers lost due to Dynamechs incompetent repair.

So I have 90% of all our conversations documented and printed Via Texts, all payments and receipts, pictures, videos, and this timeline to prove this is a legitimate claim and reviews placed online.

You have been forewarned to not use Dynamech LLC for repairs pr you could be in the same spot as me.

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