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Dyan Williams Law PLLC

Country United States
State Minnesota
City Minneapolis
Address 80 S 8th St #900
Phone 1 612-225-9900

Dyan Williams Law PLLC Reviews

  • Jul 4, 2020

Do not hire “immigration lawyer” Dyan Williams of Dyan Williams Law PLLC, IDS Center, 80 S. Eighth Street, Suite 900, Minneapolis, MN 55402, Telephone: 612-225-9900, Email: [email protected] as this cranky Chinese Mongoloid bi*ch will literally deflate you, depress you, make you feel like you will lose, will try and “intellectualize” you to death, knowing fully well that her legal methods and strategies will probably make you lose your case.

It is vitally important that when you go into a legal fight, that you do so with confidence, strength, optimism, sound case strategy, “out of the box” thinking, and intelligence, but with Dyan Williams you will get a sad sack of sh*t who will make you think about jumping off a bridge, rather than aggressively fighting for your case and legal position.

If you ever are unfortunate enough to either hire or meet her, please ask her to read the following link at or maybe even

Maybe also someone should prescribe her some anti-depressants alongside her bi-annual CLE class requirements.

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