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  • Oct 20, 2016

Upon watching Dwyrin's game against Crazy Stone 2016 Deep Learning Edition recently, I came across something really odd and unusual. Actually many things weird and strange. The video in question is called "Bats Go Lecture - Crazy Stone 7d Review!!" and it is posted on his YouTube channel from Jun 2, 2016.

Since I myself also have Crazy Stone 2016 Deep Learning Edition I decided to follow along. I don't believe, and I didn't see, that Dwyrin had actually posted or also published the accompanying .sgf file anywhere. Interestingly, unlike Haylee's earlier match with Crazy Stone back in May 2016, it didn't appear that he actually lived stream this game nor did he actually play the game or even a recording of the game from Crazy Stone at all. He appears to be re-enacting it from a record of some sort, but it isn't apparent how he is doing it, but what is apparent is that he is using the Goban client from KGS and not playing nor reviewing the game nor the record of the game from the CrazyStone itself.

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