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Dwolla, Inc.

Country United States
State Iowa
City Des Moines
Phone 1-888-289-8744

Dwolla, Inc. Reviews

  • Jun 13, 2016

Dwolla froze my account on June 10th, and seized the funds in it. They have made no indication as to when or how my money will be returned to me.

Dwolla sent me an email requiring me to verify my identity. I complied, and sent them a copy of my passport, and bank statements. They responded by unlocking my account, and permitting access. 10 mins later, without warning, they suspended my account along with seizing over $5000 in funds.

I don't care to argue that my uses for Dwolla were legitimate, and well within the Terms and Conditions laid forth by Dwolla. I simply want my money back. I have no intention to ever use Dwolla, or even recommend it to any other person/business.

Beware of using Dwolla. My uses were completely legitimate, and I supplied all of the required documentation they asked for, and I was still shut down. As a result a large sum of money was stolen from me by Dwolla. This consititutes Grand Theft in every sense of the word without releasing said funds.

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