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Dwayne Jermaine Gilroy

Country United States
State Texas
City Houston
Phone 412-536-7951

Dwayne Jermaine Gilroy Reviews

  • Jun 8, 2020

In summary, Dwayne Jermaine is a member of loan scam and fraud group associated with Patrick Dalton ([email protected]) and Robert Wilberforce ([email protected]) who previously did so malicious loan fee scams and devastated my business.

When those wicked men re-approached me attempting another round of loan fee scams, I declined immediately with no time. But, Dwayne Jermaine sent an email as below by pretending as if he were different from other associated scammers and proposed funding for $1.0M with no condition but $100 documentation fee.


I know your past experience with others have made trust a difficult asset you give out easily. But if you want us to work together, then you must trust me. I told you earlier that the delay is from you end and immediately you do the needful, by sending what I requested, funding you will not be a problem.

I am a man of integrity. I have gain lots of trust from clients and business personal, firstly for being a veteran and secondly always delivers as I have contacts everywhere. This is how the America system works. To succeed, you need the right contact and I want to assure you, doing business with me will definitively bring actualization of your business to reality. I say this with all confidence . Find document attached. As requested, I’m not only sending you my valid ID but also my social security so you have strong evidence and belief that I will deliver.

Send the required I requested including the monetary fee, and leave me to play my part. Not forgetting the details with which you want the money sent to you. Send via1DNn3Rbkzib54FafrgB9HLWkTPK2McqUr6 End of Quote Before such communication, I kept declining to deal with him as he is a proven part of those scammers and told him, "Birds of same flock gather together". He kept insisting his legiticacy and independence from others who did such wrongful scam offenses to me.

By reading the above email and a set of his IDs sent (although they were blurred intentionally and not readible), I gave him just one chance to prove himself to be a legitimate and sincere fund provider. And the $100 was sent to his bitcoin wallet address and I had no expectation that he would actually provide funding. 3 days later over a weekend, as expected he sent me following email. QUOTE: Oh good to have you here. Firstly, the documentation is almost complete. We only need one more document to end this and were done. Do note that total amount being sent is $2 million which has been approved and will be sent to the blockchain wallet provided. However, an amount of $60 is needed to augment what you sent earlier as part of your commitment to this process. We understand your plight but your understanding is needed on this. You can send to the address you sent the earlier or the address below; 1EAJ3HTKbAtC9DxhybetVw4LPeSa9DTt5S End of Quote

At a glance of his email, I immediately turned down his request and ended all. After shutting down all communication, he kept sending much of email with statements of blaming me of immediate shut down but I did not care as this case was also a malicous minded money scam done by one of those financial criminals.

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