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Country Canada
City Regina
Address 2901 Victoria Ave
Phone 306-352-7737

DuncansOnline Reviews

  • Jan 18, 2016

I have been a customer of Duncan's for several years now. Shortly after dealing with John on analog cameras we moved into using Ip based cameras. We purchased a lot of Gaspots brand cameras from him. Gadspot is now operating under the name Mavlon Tech. Shortly after purchasing the gadspots cameras we discovered many different issues with them. IR's weren't staying on, cameras were foggy, some were dead on arrival, and firmware issues. Some issues were resolved at first with firmware upgrades and the other issues as they came were replaced. We continued to have problems with the cameras. John offered to get use a newer model of the cameras. Which he did.

Shortly after receiving some of these cameras again we started having issues. First we discoved that they were advertised as 2.0 mp but when you tested the resolution it was actually 1.3 MP. John agreed to get us a price concession for the false advertisement. He did just that. However we continued to have other issues with the cameras. Similar to that of the originals. When you purchase this many cameras and install them for people it does not look good to have to come out time and time again to do a replacement. Recently, I have four cameras that were bad and I talked to John and told him enough was enough and that we need to get a credit for them and go to another brand because I could not keep dealing with the issues. The cameras were all within the two year warranty period. John agreed to do an advanced RMA for the cameras and to credit the original purchase price of the cameras. I purchased the four cameras that I was going to replace them with and went out and installed the cameras. In turn I returned the defective cameras. John contacted me and said that he would be willing to do a $35 refund since the cameras have been in the field for some time. However, this is not what was agreed upon. Not to mention it was within the two year warranty. So now I am out the full price of the cameras because he will not credit the orginal purchase price of the cameras which is $359.80. The cameras I purchased as a replacement were $543. I took a hit on the difference in the price of the cameras as a courtesy to my customers for the inconvenience but now I am left footing the total bill of $543 because he will not issue me a credit. The bottom line is John promotes a best in industry warranty but you have to jump through hoops to get any time of credit. You have to provide all the leg work and the RMA process is very slow. He says he will get back to you that day and it is three to four days later before you hear anything if at all. I have wasted so much time and money working with this vendor when I should have just dealt with someone else.

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