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Dumpster Rentals

Country United States
State New York
City Baldwin
Address 1614 Grand Ave
Phone 888-445-3867

Dumpster Rentals Reviews

  • Sep 15, 2017

Open letter to blake, owner of Dumpster

Today, both owners of our compoany had to make 6 seperate calls to Dumpster rental inc in a short amount of time, in an attempt to get one dumpster picked up. why? Because the women who answer your calls have a habit of hanging up on your clients. This is only the latest time this has happened. In our company's first call to you, we selected option 2 to speak to one of your "5 Star customer service" reps. She told one of the owners "Do you want to talk to me like a human being or not?" and then promptly hung up on them. Return calls made by the other owner, this woman then placed on hold with no intention of coming back on the phone. Calls were then made where option one was selected and a male answered the phone. These calls were simply transfered to the woman, who again either hung up on the owner or placed them on hold and never came back.

In todays fiasco, in call # one, the owner called and got the same woman who hung up on them on the first call to your company on day 1. She once again used the same line with a differnt owner, "'if you want to speak to me like a human being then I'll listen" and then she hung up. The owner, who somehow thought his calm explanation of the issue would be met with common sense customer service, was floored. He then called back and was immediaely placed on hold. he called a 3rd time and a man answered and he was transfered to the same woman, who again hung up on him. A new call got us a different woman. When our owner explained it had been 3 days since our signed docs were processed and the dumspter was still there, the rain was causing the dumpster to sink into mud--the woman said with huge attitude Oh No there will be no demands made around here. and then she too hung up.

It was impossible to engage with any of these staff people in any reasobable way to be heard, understood or simply get a routine dumpster pick up. We are a large construction company who uses alot of dumpsters at multiple sites. our PM signed on to use your services. When they were not able to get timely service and a dumpster collected from one of our sites, they informed the owners, who then called and the above ensued.

What important to understand is that no client will continue to work with you when you have staff who immediately from the start are rude, put out, hot headed and verbally abusive to your clients. your staff do not bring your money to you, your clients do. No one--from the huge construction company to the do it yourself guy who just needs a dumpster for a day for one time use will return when they are treated this way. These women, and the climate that must be at your company to make them feel comfortible enough to treat your clients this way, is on a daily basis working against you.

We put in orders today to pull any dumpster placed by your company. you will not go under because of this or due to this review. you may even laugh at how your ladies are so funny to bi*ch slap the public. but we will in turn tell the story of this experience. we would not wish anyone in the private or construction sector to experince even one of these hang ups.

People are busy, companies look for effiency. They foster relationships with other companies and everyone wins in business. When you treat your clients as these ladies did, you lose their business and you lose traction yourself. If you ever find your company isnt profitable or business is sliding, just know it was because you put employees like this as the first point of contact for your clients.

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