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Country United States
State California
Address 123 E 9TH ST #101
Phone 866-737-9863


  • Apr 29, 2019

I was contacted by Charles hartman who is a real funny character.he called my family indicating i had to call asap because their was a warrant for my arrest. i asked him why would i have a warrant filed in florida when i live in new York, City,yet Ive never recieve any collections letters or any letters pertaining to this debt.

He said i had to send him a $1000 today so he can stop the warrant. I then had my wife look him up as well as the company and we saw that it was a SCAM !!!!!! I then called him back to see how far he would go and he told me i could send him $500 upfront, he placed me on hold and when he returned he told me he would email me the paperwork through docusign.

My wife grabs the phone and question him and he hung up on her 3 times,telling her if i dont pay i will get arrested and have to go to court. Do not pay these fake acting attorneys trying to scam you out of money !!!!!!!!!!! Contact a debt collecting attorney and sue them for harrassment and violating the FDCPA laws !!!!!!! Don't be fool or Scammed!!!!!!

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