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Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 1412 Broadway Ste 2105
Phone (914) 829-3647

DropCar Reviews

  • Sep 13, 2020

I recently signed up for a monthly parking subscription with DropCar at a garage on the Upper West Side. The garage itself is a nightmare. It has one entrance/exit located on a one-way street with cars double-parked aeverywhere. It is an extraordinarily busy garage with a small landing space and at most two attendants at one time. You therefore cannot pull into the garage if someone is coming out or if the landing space is full. The landing space is shared with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, making things even worse. If you try to pull in while someone is waiting for their car, the attendant will eventually come over and tell you to back out of the garage, which is not easy given the street conditions. Once you finally get the car parked, you need to wait for the attendant to finish whatever other business he is dealing with to inspect your car and give you a ticket. The garage has a text-ahead feature but the car is never ready when you get there.

While you may think this is a problem with the garage, not Dropcar, that's not really true. First, DropCar includes this garage on its list of monthly garage arrangements with no warning as to what you will have to deal with. Second, when I complained to DropCar over email, it took them a week to respond and they declined to do anything to ameliorate the situation. Indeed, they aren't letting me switch monthly garages, won't let me terminate early and credit my account for the unused portion of the month, and won't even credit my account in any amount to compensate for the enormous inconvenience.

Third, and most importantly, the attraction of DropCar is that it offers a valet services to pick up the car from your home and drop it off at the garage and to pick up the car from the garage and drop it off at your home. Problem is there are never any valets available. I know that I'd have to pay extra for that service but it would alleviate the problem I'm having. But it's an illusory perk since it doesn't exist.

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