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Draper Auto, LLC.

Country United States
State Utah
City Draper
Address 48 E 13200 S
Phone 801-703-5737

Draper Auto, LLC. Reviews

  • Jun 13, 2017

I bought a Land Rover LR3 from Kris and it immediately had issues the first week I had it. They had told me since the battery was sitting for a while it was low on juice but that I should drive it around a while and it should be good. I ended up getting stranded at work with a dead battery. The battery was completely shot and they kindly replaced the battery with a brand new on for free the following Monday. After leaving the dealership from getting the new battery installed the check engine light came on. I got the code scanned at autozone saying that my catalytic converter was not performing and would need to be replaced. I brought it in and Kris said they would look at it. He just reset the computer of the car and the code went away, but it came back after I was driving it for 50 miles. The very first week of driving it I hear a clunking noise over bumpy roads. Turns out I needed my lower control arms replaced and an alignment done. Kris would not pay for this repair and wanted me to pay $800 for the repair. It was pretty competitive pricing compared to quotes from other shops, but I did not want to pay an $800 repair on a car that I hadn’t even driven for more than a week, but I didn’t have much of a choice and wanted to get the repair done. The day I get my car back from the control arm repair, I get a loud grinding and squeal out my front tire. $500 to replace the wheel hub and bearing. Again, they said “Sorry there is nothing we can do for you, we already lost money on the deal.” Check engine on again. Turned out to be catalytic converter a $1200 repair. And just this week I found a piece of metal in the back right tires parking brake shoe from when the dealership replaced the parking brake actuator. This has caused some damage on the rotors and has cause a loud noise while I drive. Not a huge repair, but another annoyance to this car and a ridiculous amount of time sitting and waiting for repairs on the vehicle. Kris was not a pushy salesman and was nice enough to let me use their rental car while they worked on the Rover, but they have been unwilling to take care of these repairs and make sure their customer had a good experience. I suspect a lot of their vehicles have many hidden issues that they are trying to hurry and sell before a customer notices them. I understand that a used car is bought “as is” but nearly $2500 in repairs in a month of ownership has been quite frustrating to say the least. To put it simply, I DO NOT recommend this dealership to anyone, and If you purchase a vehicle from here they will downplay issues and will not be willing to take care of you as a customer. As I've read reviews of this place, they have this issue again and again. Find another dealership as there are plenty that sell these types of vehicles in much better care with much better customer service.

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