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Dr. Stephan B Poulter

Country United States
State California
City Brentwood
Address 11980 San Vicente Blvd. 6th Floor
Phone (310) 820-7393

Dr. Stephan B Poulter Reviews

  • Aug 1, 2019

In 2016, I was stunned to read the book, The Art of Successful Failure, where Dr. Poulter admits to being broke, depressed, suicidal, living in a hotel, rejected by his girlfriend and estranged from his teenage kids. Under NO condition should he have been treating patients during this time, yet he treated a dear friend of mine for almost 4 years who became worse under his care.

He not only neglected to help her, when she confronted him about her own lack of progress in therapy, he became hostile and threatening. After seeing a much more qualified professional, she recovered and that discovery included a lengthy time unraveling the damage this therapist did, which included providing a diagnosis that was proven false by three other professionals.

Now its 2019, and he has a new book The Shame Factor. Irony is that he talks about the Impostor Syndrome, finally, people will see he is an incompetent therapist! I find it appalling and disturbing that this therapist is still practicing after the grave harm he did to my friend. Be aware, the California Licensing Board did not take her complaint seriously and Poulter hired a hack lawyer named Sean Novak who writes hostile letters including personal insults. Novak is named in the book’s acknowledgments - what kind of scam therapist includes his lawyer who defended his incompetence in his book?

Don’t be swayed by his books, his online presence, his overblown qualifications and self titled “world renowned therapist” PR spin. He should be ashamed, he is an incompetent, negligent therapist who exploits patients for financial gain, research fodder for his books and does long term harm.


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