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report scam

Dr. Nestor Ariel Zielinsky

Country Canada
City Toronto, Ontario
Address 1200 Bay Street
Phone 416 928 5913

Dr. Nestor Ariel Zielinsky Reviews

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  • Aug 23, 2022

This man claims to be a Psychiatrist. He is involved in Independent Medical Fraud IME exams. He was caught orchestrating this fraud with my insurance company State Farm.

His reports are amateurish often blaming the victims. When I worked for Sibley and associates the lawyer Witsun Chang had to tell him repeatedly to rewrite the reports for either grammar issues or just plain stupidity.

It is true . He does not have a private practice at all. Claims to have 4 offices in the GTA but all offices are as a reviewer stated. All addresses of the I sirance company. He makes his living as a Witness for Insurance companies and is so glib and oblivious about it that he admitted to working with State Farm.

He denied my injuries, downplayed my pain and hyper inflated my GAF score. (Global Assessment Functioning).

He truly is not intelligent and was unable to provide he actually had a degree from any recognised university other than his degree from Argentina. Thanks s is likely why he doesn't have a practice . No one will go to a doctor with only a degree from Argentina.

Only a doctor on paper. He is insulting, arrogant and disrespectful. I hope he gets what he deserves for knowing someone is Injured and stupidly Lynn ng about it to make a quick and easy buck.

At Sibley and associates we requested he rewrite the reports at least 4 times almost every report. Even when we supplied him a template the moron couldn't fill it out to the lawyers satisfaction on the first attempt.

It tells you how truly dumb this man is. But the way he treated me and others was a disgusting sight. It is important that this be known and he make his way to Hell where he belongs.

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  • Oct 12, 2022

I concur

I concur with this report. It is also based on my personal experience with thisan. He does communicate with the Ins co behind your back because he was hired by them.

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