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Douglas Hamilton M.D.

Country United States
State California
City Beverly Hills
Address 450 N Bedford Dr #111
Phone 1 310-271-6663

Douglas Hamilton M.D. Reviews

  • Mar 13, 2019

DOCTOR DOUGLAS HAMILTON M.D., DO NOT CONTACT ME EVER, EVER AGAIN! YOU STUPID IDIOT! Doctor Hamilton, M.D. Runs An Illegal Business Practice! I have Warned Him within the Last Two (2) Years About Illegally Trying To Collect Money That I Do Not Owe Him since he already Got Paid Through My Insurance Company A Very Long Time Ago and He Has Purposely And Deliberately Refused To Cease And Desist From Contacting ME!

Today, being Thursday, March 14, 2019, I had received a phone call from one (1) of his employees Trying To Make Out The Same Illegal, False Claim That I Still Owe Doctor Douglas Hamilton, M.D.. Money which of course is Not True! I Immediately Told Her Off and Blocked The Number!

I am Now Publishing, Public, Negative Reviews about the Constant, Filthy, Disgusting, Continuous Harassment That Doctor Douglas Hamilton, M.D. has being doing to ME without Putting An Immediate Stop To It! I am also contacting the Medical Board Of California to Make Sure That This Loser Leaves Me The F..K Alone!

Please Note: Just because somebody has a Medical Degree and is Rich Does Not Mean That They Are A Good And/Or An Honest Medical Practitioner and it also does Not Give Them The Right To Harass Their Existing and/or Ex-Patients For Any Reason! It is Simply Amazing that I saw this Loser At Least Two (2) Years Ago and Up To This Day, This Creep Is Still Harassing ME For Illegal Money and Continuing To Stalk And Hunt ME Down!

I am also Seriously Thinking About Filing A Police Report Against This Licensed, Medical Practitioner Loser! I may also Sue Him for Illegally, Harassing ME For Money And For Conducting Illegal Business Practices With Their Patients In Terms Of How They Do Their Billing!

For Anybody Out There...Please Do Not Do Business With Doctor Douglas Hamilton, M.D. Out In Beverly Hills, California and/or Woodland Hills, California! Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Howard Paul Shore Angry, Upset And Pissed Off Ex-Patient /HPS PS: It Would Not Surprise Me If This Doctor Douglas Hamilton, M.D. Does Drugs As Well!

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