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Douglas Bruce Spoors

Country United States
State California
City San Pedro
Address 1840 S Gaffey St Box 14
Phone (424) 339-8820

Douglas Bruce Spoors Reviews

  • Jun 10, 2017

This attorney is nothing but a con man and his woman accomplice is worse. They come inb under the illusion of health, get free testing for both, then purchase products with zero money but a promise that they are respectable and will pay next month, which is all a preplanned LIE.

The next month comes around and of course this deadbeat and his girl can not pay so they send part of the ruined product back and since it was liquid took our liquid supplements out and drenched the bottles in water. This all with an attorney letter with no secretary typing, saying it was colored water and snake oil, but with no testing foundation to back up. He thought being a broke lawyer would scare someone, but he has scammed others the same way. Just a low=life attorney who feels he should not have to pay for anything.

Do not ever hire this attorney as all he does throughout California is scam restaurants, hotels and any business he can con alleging he has ties to the FBI.

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