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DoubleU Casino

Country South Korea
City Seoul
Address Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu
Phone 82-109-076-3156

DoubleU Casino Reviews

  • Oct 12, 2016

I have been a daily player of DUC since Jan/2014,

all DUC does is take,take,take, when i first started playing the game was fun won over 30 billion, but of course I lost it all so i decided to start buying chips thinking my luck would change, spent over a 1000$ trying to win big again, never happened it was like I got put in a differnt bracket for spending money, I have not won a jackpot since then and every time I do win a mega win I leave that table just to have DUC take every chip that I won right back,I stay on the table and its alot worse then me trying my luck on another table,this has happen every single day for YEARS now, there is no getting ahead on this game, I write there help center 2 -5 times daily and there resply is the same, im going threw a bad luck spell as they put it.

How can someone who play daily for years go threw a bad luck spell, it makes no sence they tell me to keep my bet lowered if i feel like im cheated out of my chips, so i do and still put millions of chips into the table just for them to take all my chips slower. Only time I do win is when a new slot is made and it seems like i can get ahead some but then they get all of my chips back one way or another, I can set on tables that go over 200 spins without a scatter and then when the scatter hits it dont even add up to a free spin anymore, now I have played this game long enough to know a big win is going to come soon but it really seem they know how many chips I have and make sure I run out before I get a chance to win my chips back because it never does come, and thats when they tell me to lower me bet after spending millions of chips trying to win.

This is daily now.I lost over 350 million on one table without a good scatter or a mega win, I did win a few super wins but nothing like what I have put into the table, I write help center they tell me I am below normal and issue me a help check for 5 million chips after i lost over 350 million, This game is a complete ripoff but there is nothing I can do about it but to stop playing, but I have over 1000's dollars and 3k friends on facebook that play this game aswell,well i did have 3k only about 500 still play so I still give it a try daily but only to keep loosen.Gets old fast to be cheated out of my chips on a daily basis, I know I cant win all the time but never is way to long.

  • Mar 14, 2016

I been useing double u casino for awhile now had no trouble with the app till it had maintenance one day everything was changed . It was ok but I dont see how the hell my money wasnt on there isnt everything linked to my account it should be. I want my dam money I worked hatd and it took me a couple of months to get all that .I want my 48 mill yeah thats right I saved my money not like I bey high I bet what iam sapposed to but the fact is I worked my eay up ro get that 48 mil it should be on my account but its not .so I want my g***** money dont give me aome sorry excuse either just say your sorry and give me my money thank you

  • Mar 7, 2016

This has to do with my casino game doubleucasino on my iPad.i went to play the other date and it told me to update game and it did not give me a choice of yes or no. I am unable to update on my iPad due to the reason I have one of the first ones that came out. I have played this game for two years starting Feb. 8 of 2014. I have now lost the game and all my points I have purchased plus getting no response from Apple or anyone. I did contact Apple and they said they would get hold of someone and get back to me in 24 hours. So far no word. Thank you for your time Sharon

  • Oct 10, 2015

I have been a user of DoubleU Casino since June of 2014 and play regularly and like many, I win sometimes but the odds usually are such that I lose much more than I win. My habits are usually to bet big and continue doing so in hopes of getting a large residual pool of chips (virtual currency required to play that has no withdrawal value and cannot be exchanged for other goods or services).

The chips are strictly used for entertainment and you get a certain amount free each day but not enough to be competitive with other players. So chip packages can be purchased for sums that go up to 1000's of dollars. I am actually classified as a Diamond VIP which means nothing other than you have spent a lot of time and money playing on this site. Only chip discount coupons and increased daily free chips as well as a special VIP casino are received as perks.

On October 7, 2014 I logged in like normal, began playing their new video poker game which is a favorite of mine although when the jackpots are large the odds become impossible. I am quite adept at this game and have gotten jackpots which were repeated twenty times in one round of 500 hands. SO when I won a series of jackpots I began my normal routing of increasing my bets. But I was super lucky today because I was up to the trillions of chips level in no time. A friend was visiting and also was experiencing this same major streak of big wins.

Something which troubled me however was the each time I won amounts in excess of 1.3 trillion, I was automatically disconnected from the server and had to log in again. This happened several times and when such an event occurs, the user loses those chips and are not made whole because their "network connections" are bad. This is a resourding citation of their support group. If erriors occur the user is usually just out the chips. So up login the 4th time, I was reset to 197,000,000,000 (197 billion chips) which was way less than I had won but it is a significant win so I went about playing other games and slots.

The video poker machines were inaccessible so an apparent malfunction had occured IN FAVOR of the Users of DoubleU Casino. A few minutes later I was playing and my chips were reset from 197 billion to 40,000 and so I sent an email inquiring as to the reason. My cousin and his friend who also play were present as well and two of us were reset in this manner but my cousin was not. My e-mail inquired as why my chips were removed and the response I got which is below was unbelievable. In my e-mail I included their stated policy aginst reimbursing for chips removed: See Below

10. Reimbursement Policy

“Reimbursement” means a compensation for damage or loss in in-game currencies and goods, including but not limited to chips, Premium/VIP membership period and gift, daily free spins (“items”).

  • Aug 17, 2015

They posted on Facebook that if you completed a choice of one item, in my case a Survey that I would get a total of

$100,000,000 coins. The next day it was a 1200 free spins and $12,000,000 coins. I completed 2

Surveys to do with car Insurance. Progressive and Geico Insurance. Progressive actually called here. The first survey for $100,000,000 I got a Validation Number of 9V2CN3ff481 for a gift certificate which I do not own a printer and can not redeem the gift certificate.

There have been other people who also tried this posting and also called it a spam and a ripoff......

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