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Door Bar Official

Country United States
State California
City Irvine
Address 18 Technology Drive

Door Bar Official Reviews

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  • Jun 8, 2020

Other related scam websites

Other scam websites that are owned by Alesta Group LLC include:,,, HELP REPORT THESE TO SHOPIFY SO THEY TAKE THEM DOWN! Email at [email protected] Also, another website that might be related is They sell door bars as well. Their address is listed at 19 Technology Drive, Irvine, California which is oddly similar to DoorBar's which was 18 Technology Drive, Irvine, California. Please report them so less people are scammed.

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  • May 18, 2020

Essentially this company has a warehouse in China that they attempt to take orders and ship out of. I put in an order and two weeks went by without a shipping update. I reached out to customer service and the next day got the automated shipping email (no coincidence). The email had a tracking number but the tracking had no information or status.

Customer service claimed it wasn't a big deal. A month later I still haven't received the package. The tracking was updated several weeks ago, but it appears it has not left China, yet they won't refund me or respond anymore. They claim they are not responsible for delays, but if shipping is not possible they shouldn't be taking orders in the first place.

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  • Jun 5, 2020

Scam for sure.

Agreed, they are a scam. They recently took down their website. They are being investigated too.

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  • Jun 6, 2020

Here's what they do...

They create a new website. Tell people it's on its way because they are relying on a 60 wait period before people can file a claim. By that time they are on to a new business. Their websites are new. And their business is not legitimate. There's no business phone number or legitimate address.

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  • May 22, 2020

Door Bar Official is a Scam

This website is a scam. The same thing happened to me. I had to call the credit card company to get a new credit card.

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  • May 23, 2020

I had to get a new credit card because of this company. They appear to be a legitimate company but they have fake reviews and give fake tracking numbers. The pull-up bar never arrived and bank of america reported the purchase as fraud.

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  • Jun 6, 2020

They have a new website "Get Door Bar"

They took down Door Bar Official, and created a new one, "Get Door Bar".

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  • Jun 16, 2020

Ordered a pull up bar from this site April 20th its now the middle of June and i haven't received the pull up bar and now starting an investigation to get my refund. Saw this on a Facebook ad googled them and got directed to the website, which is now down complete frauds hopefully i get my $50 + shipping back

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  • Jun 18, 2020

What to do

You won’t get a refund from the company because they are a scam. What you do is call your bank and tell them what happened and they’ll cancel the charge most likely. Also, report to Shopify at [email protected] Shopify is the platform they use. They’ll add your info to their investigation. Doorbar official’s new site is Make sure to tell Shopify too so they shut it down. Last step, you report DoorBar or the company that owns them (Alesta Group LLC) to the FTC. They’ll investigate these scammers. If multiple people report them it’ll help take down the Chinese scammers.

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  • Jun 3, 2020

Same issue

They claim their company is in Irvine, but then why are they shipping out of China? Everything everyone wrote is exactly what I'm gong through. I asked them to confirm their business address four times now and no response, but now their website has been pulled. No longer working.

I will seek a PayPal reimbursement for this. They won't take my money.

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  • Jun 3, 2020


All the info from them disappeared. There page is gone as well.

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  • Jun 2, 2020 is a scam

Same (bad) experience.

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  • Jun 1, 2020


Purchased in early April and it is now June and I still haven’t received my product. The last update on the tracking was 4/29, and it is still in China. No movement since then. The so called customer service agent that goes by “Alex” just copies and pastes their shipping policy. I have called the credit card company and they canceled the charge. Their website also seems fishy. They stole pictures and videos from other companies claiming it was their door pull-up bar. The brand is owned by Alesta Group LLC. They have other scam websites as well. Do not buy anything from them.

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  • May 28, 2020


Ordered a pull-up bar and weeks went by without any update. It has now surpassed the 5 week mark. The tracking still states it is in China but hasn't moved since April. Messaged their customer service rep by the name of "Alex" and received a generic message which wasn't helpful. Called the credit card company to cancel the charge. Their website also uses pics and a video from another company that isn't even theirs. They have other websites under their main company: Alesta Group LLC. Do not purchase from them.

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  • May 27, 2020


Never got the item, wrote a review it never showed,

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  • Jun 26, 2020

But Will Shopify Do the Right Thing?

Same info as everyone else, except I paid using Amex and they jumped right on it and refunded me.

Question is whether Shopify will do anything with filed complaints. I tried once to alert them and here we are with the same guys doing the same stuff. I will certainly avoid any sites using Shopify since they appear to be complicit at worst, and careless at best.

  • Jun 25, 2020

Never got the item

This was a total scam. I never received the item and I am out the money. Total rip off!

  • Jun 19, 2020


I really can’t say anything different than the countless others above. My story is exactly the same.

  • Jun 17, 2020


They have a new site at

Report them to Shopify ASAP to have it removed!

  • May 31, 2020

Ordered a pull up bar from them on April 9th 2020. It is now 1st June 2020 and have still not received the package.

The tracking number given by them (after asking for it 2-3 times) is useless. No information about where the package is whatsoever.

When asked for a refund was told to wait for the transport to "expire" whatever that means.

What recourse does one have in such a case? Totally ripped off.

Ordered and received a similar product from amazon for half the price and in fraction of the time.

  • Jun 2, 2020


Call the bank or credit card company and cancel the charge. Also, contact Shopify the service they use for their website and orders and tell them they are most likely a scam company.

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