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Don Reid Ford

Country United States
State Florida
City Maitland
Address 1875 S Orlando Ave
Phone 407-644-6111

Don Reid Ford Reviews

  • Aug 12, 2015

I brought my Ford Ranger in because of broken coolant hose. I was surprised that the total estimate to replace it was over $600 which included a system flush; that seemed QUITE high for the work that was described. I decided to just have them do it. After all, Ford will take care of me. Right? I went to pick up the vehicle a couple of days later. After looking at the coolant I am not convinced that the flush was completed. Still, I paid for the repair and my wife drove the truck away. I was fortunate that we were going the same direction. The truck was running so poorly, backfiring, etc., it would have left her stranded on the side of the road had I not been there. I cannot believe that they would return a vehicle to a customer in a non-drivable condition. Though it is not new, the vehicle was running fine apart from the coolant leak when I dropped it off - always has. I limped the vehicle back to the dealer, and waited for a couple of hours for an answer. Apparently no manager is on duty on Saturday afternoon, so they didn't know what the problem was, and nothing could be done anyway without a manager. I had to drive an hour back to my house without the vehicle. They promised to call me on Monday morning with some answers. I waited the whole day and no one called. I called Tuesday morning and got the service manager who had no idea that there was a problem, despite the fact that he still had my truck in his garage. He said he would call me back with some answers, but never did. When I called later in the day and asked for him specifically, I got a tech. It would cost between 300 and 400 dollars to fix a problem that I didn't have before I took it in. I challenged the cost and declined the charge. While I was still talking he hung up on me. I wasn't looking for free service, just good customer service and simple respect. Apparently, neither is a corporate priority. I honestly don't mind paying for work that is done right. Time to take it to an honest, reputable dealer.

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