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Don Parker Teckie Software Solution

Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
Address 13031 W Jefferson Blvd #200
Phone 888 568 6469

Don Parker Teckie Software Solution Reviews

  • Mar 24, 2018

On 1/24/2018 my computor was frozen with a voice and written warning not t o use until it was cleaned up as it was infected and I could loose stored information. In looking at warning I saw microsoft and their logo I thought it to be ok to call phone number on sceen. Upon calling I reached Shawn Walker who informed me that that my computor was at risk and the only way to restore to safe operation was install a firewall virus protection which would cost 1499,95 for a life time plan to prevent this from ever occurring again. Afte about one hour the computor was returned to service. In discussing this with friends they thuoght I had been scammed due to extremee fee , life time plan. They advise me to cancel card before it could be processed and get a new card which I did per card co advice. On3/6/2018 I recieved a letter from card co saying they had reviewed and determined that it was a valid charge . They charged my new card 1499.95 without my concent and advised me to contact merchant for and further claim . Nothing was wrong with computor and I believe these to be scammers using microsoft as a front to convence users that they had a serious problem with the main objective was to get card information to bilk people of their funds.

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