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Country United States
State Connecticut
City Monroe
Address P.O. BOX 4084
Phone 203 895 5266
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  • Jan 10, 2021

I paid Jamie Lewis $250 for the launching of Commissions Earned. The advertising was to become a partner of the launch for a percentage of the profits earned from the launch. This was on April 7,2019. I have not heard anything from Jamie since I paid him. I've sent emails only to be told this:

Gina (Champ Entertainment)

Oct 5, 2020, 7:38 EDT

The launch you bought into should be coming up within the next month or so, it hasn't been scheduled yet. It's not possible to give exact dates because launches have to be scheduled around other launches in order to ensure we have the maximum number of JVs available to promote to your lists. The best source of information on upcoming launch dates are Jamie's updates so please always check your email.

Watch this quick update video:

Latest video update:

Launch dates are in



Client Services Department That was back in October, still no launch and nothing from Jamie Lewis or his support. I keep an eye out for new launches on Muncheye and he hasn't launched anything at all. Don't buy ANYTHING from Jamie Lewis he is a scammer and does NOT deliver anything he promises.

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