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DND Enterprises, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City Simi Valley
Address 1409 Kuehner Dr. #141

DND Enterprises, Inc. Reviews

  • Jan 7, 2021

These people seem to hate their residents. I was hired as a maintenance man and soon realized that the owner's son in law who was my "supervisor" was not qualified to do the work at all. He told me to leave the door off of a new residents bathroom for a couple days because she complained that it needed paint. He said "If she doesn't like it she can move out". Other residents complained to me and some just cussed me out because they were so frustrated with the state of disrepair the buildings were in and they knew that even if the guy came to their apartment he would most likely not accomplish anything.

The stucco is cracked and crumbling so bad on two of the buildings they should be condemned for safety. One resident has their whole concrete slab patio lifted up by tree roots so that when it rains the water is forced to pool at the front door and flood everything. It's an easy fix for a skilled tradesmen such as myself but this guy did not want me to fix it. Another resident has a tree growing up through the concrete slab of their living room. The owners would rather complete a task 3 times and spend 3 times the money on a project than listen to someone who has experience because they need to be in CONTROL.

One time I had to explain to them that after an apartments sewage leaks out into the parking lot and runs down into the street we need to wash it down and sanitize it to keep ALL of us safe from diseases.These are the kind if people who hang an American flag in the laundry room as an insult to their residents from the Latino countries. The supervisor got visibly offended when I ordered my food in Spanish at El Pollo Loco. Finally one day a woman showed me her apartment that had not been painted for 30 YEARS. These people are getting money from the State of California to keep these apartments in proper safe and liveable condition and they are NOT doing it which should be called fraud.

The inspectors never do or say anything to help the residents. This was too much for me and I called the supervisors wife and told her what her husband was doing and that it was not okay with me. She immediately fired me. These people are completely unfit and unqualified for the job they are supposed to be doing and they have a bunch of like minded slum lord friends who I will probably put on here as well..

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