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Divine Van Lines

Country United States
State Alaska
City Canoga Park
Address 8740 Remmet Ave
Phone (866) 993-4846

Divine Van Lines Reviews

  • Mar 18, 2016

Beware of this Company!! Based on my experience with this company they underbid an estimate and then when the trucker comes out all of a sudden it is triple what it should be. When I had another moving company actually move my things it wasn't even close to the absurd cubic feet amount that the trucker said it was to be.

Original Divine estimate: 351 cubic feet. Their trucker then said when they were going to load goods that it was 900 cubic feet. Actual amount per moving company that I then hired said it was actually 500 cubic feet. Not only that but try and get your original deposit of $400 back. They stiff you for that too!!! They told me that "someone" has to pay for their trucker and the truck to come to my house.

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