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Discovr Bookings

Country Australia
State Australian Capital Territory
City Port Adelaide
Address PO Box 3272
Phone 61 473 430 767

Discovr Bookings Reviews

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  • Jan 9, 2020

On September 5.2019 we have been billed by a company Discovr Bookings after many emails and phone conversations with the owner Darren Mathers (owner of Discovr Bookings) $2,249.00 for an SEO promotion and promotion of our activities and tours on Discovr Bookings website.

A few days later, we find out we have been also charged $49 for a bank transfer fee which we never agreed with. After several weeks of no actions from Discovr Bookings, we have been informed we missed an activation date and they didn't do anything because of that. Because we have never been contacted by them to activate anything (we don't even have any idea what to activate and why), we asked them for a refund.

The owner Darren Mathers told us he will handle it and after a few days later when we received nothing we asked him again and he played the same game again, saying he is not handling this, but he will take care of it. Make the story short, we periodically asked for the refund, he is not responding anymore and we never received any refund from them.

They took and keeping our money for no reason and they're unresponsive since than. We would like to get our money back all together with a bank transfer fee we never agreed with.

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  • Jan 14, 2020

We set a high standard for ourselves, and we’re so sorry to hear this was not met in your interaction with our business.

Dear Customer, thank your for sharing your feedback and we’re sorry your experience has been a negative one. It is an uncommon instance and we’d like to ensure you are correctly reimbursed.

Please reach out to [email protected], quoting this link, with any further comments and details.

We would love to make things right.

  • Apr 25, 2020

Don't use Discovr bookings!

We had exactly the same experience like Jan. It started around the same time and same story. It sounded all very promising. Darren has really a good story but as soon you have paid nothing is happening. Also have been charged more than agreed and never were activated. There was always a story. Accident, son in hospital, stroke, in a plain or whatever what. Always there was the promise that we would be activated soon but it never happened. Requested a refund like it was in the agreement but that also never happened. Same thing, always an excuse why it went wrong and after a while no reply anymore.

Recently tried it again. In the beginning very friendly response from Darren and a promise that he didn't know what went wrong and that he would refund it as soon as possible, but now its completely silent again. I doubt if he is really in Australia and probably also not his real name. We lost a little bit more than R14,500 and I know another company in South Africa that lost R20,000.

Unbelievable that there are not more bad reviews to be found, but he is very clever, not to be found on social media, no phone number on the website...l. I should have known better :-(

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