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Discovery Auto Enterprise

Country United States
State Texas
City Houston
Address 6616 Brittmoore Rd
Phone 713-466-1300

Discovery Auto Enterprise Reviews

  • Jan 11, 2016

My wife purchased a 2000 bmw z-3 on line from discovery auto against my better judgement. We looked at all of the pictures and the car fax, they just didn't make available the pictures of the bad things on the car. I called mile the owner and asked him personally a bout the shape of this car. I was assured it was a good vehicle. When it was delivered A week after the delivery date we were told). It was a nightmare.. The there were knobs and buttons missing, the dashboard warning lights were lit up like christmas, the passenger window didn't work, the glove box was hanging loose from the dash, the car smelled like a pup tent that set in the rain for a couple of months Which explain the mildew smell) and the convert able top leaked like 2 garden hoses running on the inside of the top. I had found and driven a few b other of the same vehicles and all were n priced $5100.00 - $6500.00. We paid $8500.00 for ours. It did have at lea s t 30000 miles less then any i had found. Talk to mike and he told me b that b the vehicle didn't leak at the dealership. Only problem is, if you stand 3 feet away from the car with the door open you can smell the mildew, you don't have to get in the car. This tells me that mike is either a liar, his nose doesn't work or he is an idiot that doesn't know any better. I have 2 attorneys on this as well as the secretary of state of sc and tx, the sc hwy dept., the bbb, yelp, Of motor vehicles enforcement. I am under the advice of my attorneys going to allow them to rectify this, if they do not i will remain steadfast in my persuit to make discovery auto enterprizes rew the day that they ripped me off. I plan on dedicating my whole exsistance to this persuit. If the correct it i will update my review to reflect my satisfaction. But will not let this go.

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