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Direct Mechents

Country United States
State Arizona
City Scottsdale
Address 16430 N Scottsdale Rd

Direct Mechents Reviews

  • Oct 5, 2017

I am at present feeling violated due to a letter my mother received in another state after several moves.She send the phone number to me. I called and was asked my SS#. They alreadu know last four digits. I toldbhim. He recited my name or actully my name at time which has been 14 years since named change.proceeded to tell me he was an arbitrator and needs to do his job. Told me I had a balance of approximately $2_700.00. That I must settlr or be drug into court. Through atened with video and all evedenve. I explained I had not even had that name in years and that I do not recall EVER having a credit card period. He kept saying he needed to do his job. Tried to get information from me I told him I would need to get back to him after speaking to legal resources.I have been consumed with worry since, wondering who might have gotten card in my name. I would like to see what they do have as evidence as to make sense of it all. Was not offered. Information. As stands now, no more contact with anyone about such case.

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