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Direct Express

Country United States
State Texas
City San Antonio
Address P.O. Box 245998
Phone 1-888-741-1115

Direct Express Reviews

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  • Dec 25, 2015

December 22, 2015 I went to the store at 10 in the morning and I handed my card to swipe for a payment and it said invalid check the account to see there was still $684 in there I didn't understand why it wasn't working so thinking nothing of it. I pulled out another card and paid for what I got. later on I went to go get gas and tried to swipe the card again and it said declined so I call direct express to find out my card had been re-issued upon request when I never requested a new card I had my card in my wallet so I finally figured out how to get a hold of a live person after calling five times and was told my address my phone number and my email did not match. I've lived at the same address for over 10 years gave them other information to verify who I was and was told somebody called at 11 o'clock at night and said that their card was damaged pretending to be me knew my Social Security number my birthday my address changed my address my phone number and my email address and had a new card sent to Miami. Luckily I found out in time and canceled that card had a new card sent out to me. went to Social Security put fraud on both my children's accounts which is who I'm receiving the benefits for because they both have autism and fragile X. I feel so violated by direct express and filed a police report and contacted Equifax. Direct express is not a safe company you should feel safe using it because it's connected to Sosa security benefits for old people or children or whatever else may be going on but it is not it's a fraud it's a scam. they are so rude and have no security on their system for anything nor do they care about the problems that you go through with fraud because of them

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  • Feb 4, 2016

USDirectExpresscard They have taken advantage of part of my disabilty, they have held up payning me$ 2500.00 that was taken by other people and have held up my paperwork once because they said they said they did not receive my fax. they have put money into the account and withdrew it the same day. most recently around the second of February they left a negative balance of $400.00 dollars in my account and withdrew that money on February 3 2016 Corpas Cristi

In octtober 2015,someone fraudelently used my account and withdrew my disabilty income of$1308.00. I discovered this on the fourth and prompty reported this to Direct Express. They sent me the paperwork to file a complaint. It was declined because they said these companies had done that in the past. They sent me monthly statements back to march. Unfortunately, H ave a memory issue from a brain bleed I surfered in the past.

They gave directions for me to circle the items where these companies had taken my money illegally. I did as instructed and faxed that information back to Direct Express. I called two or three weeks later and was told by a superviser there that they did not receive that fax either. They put me through to there fraud department who confirmed the fax was indeed on file. The previous superviser did not tell me the truth. Each call I have made to the HELP line proved unproductive. I have been disconnected so I would have to call againn and start trhe questions over.

They gace me a provisional loan and then the next day started withdrawing that amount back out. This also happened on February 2 2016. Then they left the account with a negative $400.00 deposit.When I tried to contact them about this the recording said they are expierencing heavy call valumn and I was disconnected again. This also has happened numerous times. The only information I received told me the would make a decission at the end of this month. So to my count they are holding up the original $2500.00 plus the$400.00 from February 2 2016.

I was told by the social security deptartment that I had to go with this company because it is safer than receiving my check at my P.O. Box. I have never recived any problems with mail delivery and this safe system has cost me around $2900.00 dollars total.

I was wanting to give the people at Direct Express thetime they needed to handle this. When they put my account another $400.00 in the hole. I felt iut was time to do things to stop this fraud and abuse of disabled people. This not right and someone needs to be held accountable for this fraud and deciet from these people. I hope you can help me with this. I am going to the Social security deptment tomorrow and contacting an attourney to seek their help.

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  • Aug 11, 2016


They let a unauthorized user take 411.59 from my account and they say they only do maineance what a ripoff.

  • Aug 20, 2022

It is a pity that the U.S. Government requires social security recipients to have their much needed social security benefits that they worked and paid for deposited with Direct Express that will often deprive access to the funds. Often cards are canceled for no reason without any notice leaving many with no way to pay for food, electricity, and other necessities required to live.

If the card holder survives an extremely long wait on the phone, he or she will be told the only solution is issuance of a new card that will take two weeks to receive. Often a merchant regularly paid by the SS recipient with the Direct Express Card, all of a sudden without notice, will not be honored depriving the card holder access to the typical goods or services.

A call to Direct Express will result in a very long hold period after which the company cannot provide a reason for the inconvenience. Only if pressed Direct Express will finally state the merchant, for no stated reason, was black listed. Only if pressed Direct Express will advise that a temporary whitelist can be issued to allow payment to the merchant (who must not have been so bad after all) for a period of three to four days after which the blacklist will go back in place.

Just when the needy card holder thinks he can make a purchase, he or she is told it will take two hours for the whitelist to go into effect. After waiting much more than two hours the card holder will call back and wait for a longer period on the phone until being told that the process will have to start again with no explanation of why the first promise failed.

After waiting much longer than another two hours the card holder will discover his card can still not be used. He wait on the third call is even longer than the others. The cardholder will go through the same lengthy process and, again, furnish a lot of verifying information only to listen to the same worthless speech; when he or she tries to inform that this has been done to no avail two times before, he or she will be told that he or she tries to interrupt the call will be ended.

The call will result in the same promises that will not take place. The fourth phone call wait is longer still evidencing a common problem. for card holders. The representative on the fourth call is even ruder that one of the prior three (two out of the four actually tried to be cordial).

This representative will listen to nothing and require the same lengthy nonsense; she will never respond to,“will Direct Express can get it right this time.” By this time the card holder if overwhelmed and has no faith has or her card can be used. By this time it is past bedtime of the second night since this started. The card holder assumes the card will be useless when he awakes.

  • Jun 14, 2022

Comercia Bank//Direct Express Connection The person named Below : Donna Williams VP : Has not acted in any ethical Manner to resolve my issue or any issue! The Banks listed, Comercia Bank and Direct Express are not True Banks! Theses Pseudo Banks have one incoming line, no email correspondence and a fax line. Primarily used for SSI and SSDI Customers. Donna Williams-VP - in charge of Direct Express, can only be reached by a Fax # from Comercia Bank. You may as well contact Fred Flintstone from Bedrock Bank. To contact Direct Express , takes approx 1 Hour on Hold; then CSR Transfers you to a Quene for an additional 60 minutes -90 minutes. Therefore; most customers give up and this is where The banks keep their illegal profits; Yes, your heard that correct! The banks are allowed to keep any profits from any accounts in their favor or customers favor if the issues are in either favor. If there is an attorney wishing to start a Class Action Law Suit. There are Thousands of Customers from theses Unscrupulous Banks that are due monies in which the banks have intentionally ripped them off! Donna Williams VP does not returning calls or correspondence. Bad news Bank!!

  • Mar 15, 2022

On November 1, 2021 all the money was withdrawn from my Direct Express card, $1500 the statement reads as in person at ATM machine (not by me) I was told by a Comerica Bank Staff member that all Direct Express customers at that branch located at 1650 Ximeno Ave Ste. 100 Long Beach, CA 90804 were victims of Fraud as well.

Clearly that alone should be a red flag for Direct Express. well NO it wasn't I received 1 email that they had been trying to contact me 4 times from a D/E Advocate, the claim was investigated and closed with the findings that the cash was withdrawn using a pin # and only I knew that # so case closed. I think the F not, clearly it was Fraud.

Maybe a card reader was used the month before or whatever the case was, I need my money and supporting pictures, or any findings D/E found for their wrong decision which I have asked for and have not been given. I can see a lawsuit opening up soon.

  • Feb 15, 2022

On December 5th I went to an ATM to withdraw cash and the machine kept giving me a message that i did not have enough funds. So I called the number on my Direct Express card and that's when I became aware of someone withdrawing cash totaling $1012 on December 3rd. 2 withdraws of $506. When I got home I went online and I could see that this fraudster had withdrawn from an ATM in North Hollywood. Just 7 minutes after I had used my card at a liquor store 30 miles from that location. There is no way I could get to a location that is 30 miles away in 7 min.

I reported the incident right away by calling Direct Express. The investigators with Direct Express drug their feet. I never got a provisional credit. A representative tried to help me by requesting a hardship provisional credit and that was declined. The investigation went on for almost 60 days and they never sent me anything in the mail with their decision. They just closed the case and noted not fraud.

All the reps I spoke to at Direct Express agreed with me and said it was obvious fraud and 2 of them sent an appeal and both times it was denied. I am not giving up on this. I did not do those withdraws. I just need some assistance as to what to do next. I am behind on bills and may lose my house. Please help.

My husband had passed away just a few months prior to this happening to me. I lost his income. I was collecting unemployment but that came to an end the day before my husband passed away. My only income is my daughters survivors benefits. I am still having a very diffucult time accepting that my husband is gone and this isn't helping me and my daughter.

Best Regards,

  • Mar 29, 2021

Ive been banking with Direct Express and I have had to write up and report unauthorized transaction twice and have been denied without cause. One was a purchase in another state that i wasnt even vacant in and another was from a Tmobile acct in which tmobile took 3 duplicated withdraws. They returned one and the other 2 they claimed it never went through. But on my derect express acct it clearly shows it did take it out. So then i dispute it through Direct Express and they say its denied once again so i lost almost 200 dollars and nobody knows where it went or wants to repay it. How can that be??

  • Oct 30, 2020

Ive been trying to get ahold of there fraud personal for over two weeks everyday for at least 2hours on the phone i had my new card ship to me and i cant turn it on because of a fraud letter to call them but i cant get ahold of them or use my card

  • Apr 1, 2020

Card is issued by Comerica Bank, pursuant to a license by MasterCard International Incorporated. logo are service marks of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Bureau of Fiscal Service (used with permission).

When my daugher checked the balance on her card, she learned that someone had created a new email,. They also had the card delivered to another state. When her funds were available, they wiped out her money on April 1, 2020.

Aside from the Coronavirus outbreak issues, she is seeking a temporariy deposit. The theft of money has caused a hardship. Trying to reach a Direct Express person, for assistance, is a living nightmare. We only want justice to resolve restoring the money. A better system should be in place, to better handled disputes by Direct Express. Until today, she has had a flawless relationship with Direct Express, since 2008. Thank you.

  • Mar 2, 2020

I woke up on March 3rd,2020 and I looked at my account and half was missing.Made calls to social security disability and told me to call US DIRECT EXPRESS.First call they hung up on me.

2nd call they told me to wait five days to see if money is put back.I did not buy anything in the middle of night.I was sleeping.Something is very wrong here.I want to warn people about this.I don't know if I'll get my money back. Please publish this for all to see.

  • Dec 12, 2019

I saw the first fraudulent charge on 11/29/19 to a local merchant I had not visited in months & therefore knew it was fraudulent. My debit card has never been out of my possession. I called Direct Express immediately & after spending 2 hours on hold that first call, reported the charge & told the CSR to cancel my card. He said he couldn't because the charge was pending. Please note that he clearly said the CARD couldn't be cancelled, not the charge. He said that they would be watching it for suspicious activity.

On the same day that my $863 SS benefit was deposited to the card, 12/03/19, I saw a fraudulent charge of $860.88 within an hour of it being made at a Kroger store in Auburn, AL, 4.5 hours south of me. I have never made that large a purchase with the card & haven't been to Auburn in 5 years. I immediately began trying to contact Direct Express to report this charge & spent over 2 hours on hold for the fraud department---

The menu choice that specified I was contacting them to report a lost, stolen card or unauthorized transaction. When I finally reached an agent, I reported the details as I knew them about the charge, cancelled the card, ordered a new one & paid $13.50 to have the new one sent by UPS 2 day shipping. He told me to call & activate the new card when I got it.

The card arrived late Thursday afternoon of 12/05/19 & I set in calling Direct Express. Almost 3 hours later I managed to get connected to an agent & activated the card. At that time he told me he would put me on hold for "Level Two." I had never heard of Level Two & asked what it was. he said I had to talk to that dept to get the fraudulent charges credited back to my new debit card.

As it was within $1.50 of being my entire month's income I needed to live on, naturally I stayed on hold. This time for another hour & 18 minutes. The man in Level Two told me that I might not get my money back at all because I reported it two days after it happened. I said no, I reported it right away & he said I didn't report it to the right dept.

Here is what I have learned & been told by one of their CSRs: No matter which dept a caller chooses from the menu, after a while you are switched back to the main line. The agents, trained I'm sure NOT to do so, fail to identify which dept they're in. So when you have selected the correct dept from the menu & are finally connected, you assume it's the dept you chose & thought you were on hold for. WRONG.

Now when I call & stay on hold for hours & eventually reach someone, I ask them what dept I have reached. They're obviously very uncomfortable with this question. Several have literally hung up on me rather than provide that information.

The ones that have answered seem extremely uneasy & admit I've reached the plain vanilla customer service line instead of the Fraud dept, Level 2, dept to discuss an existing case or whatever they call it at any given moment. So how on earth is a customer supposed to know WHO they have reported anything to?

It's all a big flimflam deliberately IMO engineered to do the same thing as the crazy hold times & endless loop of runarounds & bizarre hoops we're forced to jump through...wear us down so that we'll give up & let them keep our money.

Besides those ploys, here is another example of the twisted practices of this outfit: I was told on 12/05/19 that a questionnaire had been mailed to me & that I had to fill it out & return it within 10 days or I would not get my money back. As of yesterday, 12/12/19, I had not rec'd that questionnaire & since I have USPS Informed Delivery, have proof that I haven't gotten it.

The same agent that told me the questionnaire was being mailed also told me to fax the relevant details to them & that would be enough for the investigative team to get started. I did that right away on 12/06/19 & verified it was rec'd.

On 12/11/19 I was told by another agent that I would have to do this again because I didn't hand sign the fax. I was definitely NOT told to do this. But I provided the info yet again, hand signed the document, scanned & faxed it to them. Now what? They'll say I printed it in the wrong color ink?

Also important to note is that the day after I activated the new card, on 12/06/19, I was locked out of my account when I got up that morning & despite numerous calls was locked out until Monday evening, 12/09/19. I was told by a CSR that it would be reported to the IT dept & I should hear from them within 5 business days to get back into my account.

This was holding me up filing a police report because the police dept told me to print out the transaction & bring it with me. I couldn't get into my account to do that until late Monday evening & then discovered that there is no way to print anything from their website, not the transaction history anyway.

Clicking the button that says Print takes you to a blank page. You can't right click to copy. You can't do a screen shot. I tried from my Mac laptop & desktop PC. No luck. The police officer at the station where I filed my report even tried. We pulled up my account & got the same results.

This bunch does EVERYTHING they can do, throws up every roadblock & obstacle they possibly can, to impede a customer getting the provisional credit put back on their debit card. They have a D rating with the BBB online & are not even accredited. Senator Warren investigated them less than a year ago & among other unsavory things, learned they had a data breach & never reported it to the cardholders or even the SSA.

They admitted that the criminals who stole our info were within their own company. I am steadily reporting them to every agency I can find, including Senator Warren, my own senators, representatives, my state AG, the federal AG, OIG, NCPA, etc and am about to start contacting the media.

There are hundreds & hundreds of complaints just on the BBB from people who have experienced eerily identical issues with Direct Express as I have & never gotten the money back that was taken fraudulently and supposed, by law, to be returned to them in 10 days. As a retired nurse of 40 years, it makes me sick to think of all the seniors & disabled people, including our disabled vets, everyone that relies on those SS benefits & have been and are being ripped off by this horrible company. The stress & misery & worry Direct Express brings down on its customers heads is beyond disgraceful. It makes me sick---and angry.

I have my mobile phone call logs to corroborate all of the calls I've made & the unbelievable hours I've spent on those calls with Direct Express. I think it's up to 47 calls now, since 11/29/19 when I found the first fraudulent charge. Bear in mind that many times, after you've been on hold maybe half an hour, you get a recording that they're busy & to try your call later & then BOOM, youre disconnected & have to start all over.

Also many times you're instantly disconnected as soon as you reach an agent, the second they answer. And some as I've mentioned hang up on you if you start asking questions they aren't supposed to answer, like what department they're in for example. There is no way to email. You cannot request a call back. In fact they claim they are unable to call a customer. Period. It's just a nightmare all the way around.

I just want my money back & will then have my benefit direct deposited into my bank checking account. WHY the SSA is recommending this awful company is beyond my comprehension.

  • Dec 4, 2019

Direct express rip off firm card 5820 close down shut down direct express send new card 4986 wrong inrollment pending deposit account cancel card 4986 send new card 9943. were wintess taken 68.00 from 165.00 deposit refuse pqaid back amount taken 68.00 one card delivery onther worker send card 7555 place -115.00 card waiting supplment secuity payment despoit taken -115.00 level 2 clear amount.

  • Oct 6, 2019

Direct express they have helped people in the past to steal my money! most recenly i tried to draw my money out of an atm to pay my bill because i recieve ssi and only get paid once a month. The atm shut off why my card was still inside it and still charged me 200 dollar when i recieved no money .

The cashier said call the number on the atm and i did and the guy who anwsered said to call my bank and have them to cancel the last transaction and they wouldnt they said that it takes 45 to 90 to hear anything back.

In a way the social security office is helping these people to rob the disabled and the poor by referring people like me to this company.And even more messed up is they know we live on a limited income already and barely already can make ends meat . to weigh 45 to 90 can leave a person like me homeless but the social security administration doesnt care and neither do direct express.

  • Jun 3, 2019

Direct Express Comerica Bank Failure to deposit my ssi money I believe they stole it. I spoke to SSA they confirmed that they sent the money to deposit on may 31st and have now put a trace on my ssi payment I have noticed there are many direct Express Card reports about how they steal our money or put my money in someone else's account.

SSA said it would take a week to locate the money. unbelievable, in the meantime what I do I live off my ssi I'm ready to snap! Please investigate this even if you have to go public on TV with this these people must be sued, they are stealing people's money.

They have no Customer service they are very nasty and unprofessional I want my money ASAP in the meantime they could credit my account with my money but they do nothing its like they don't care I'm disabled sitting on the couch crying cause they don't care about my money they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! They stole my ssi payment

  • Apr 13, 2019

Called sevral times for a refund sent in all paperwork was threatened with my life by custmer service agent i just want my 17.50 refunded back ups lost my package refuse to pay and be intimadated by custmer service was told i will be dead by agent when i submitted all paperwork to prove my case and they still refuse to renbuse my fee this was there mistake not mine you do not treat people with death threats.

  • Feb 1, 2019

Customer service is non existent. I waited 45 mins, got hung up on, and waited another hour for them to tell me that 10 charges made on my card (even though they were from Hong kong) that I have to wait 5 days for the charge to go through, then dispute it. But....they can't cancel now before it gets to that point?

The charges were made the same day I called and they couldn't do a dang thing for me. Absolutely the worst company I have ever dealt with. People are upset they lost their money and they make it 1000x worse. Never EVER again!

  • Oct 5, 2018

8/31/2018 is direct express put my disability benefits on someone else card, per treasury department and social security office! Direct express denied even having my deposit! I have paperwork and proof! It’s going on 2 months and there still not listening and are the rudest and the ignorant people I have ever dealt with! I wish I had an email address or a main # to supervisor over customer services! If anyone has any helpful information I would appreciate it! I’m hiring a lawyer after reading all these reviews!

  • Oct 1, 2018

I get ssi for 750.00 deposit was mad paid a few bills went to the store called my card i had 8.00 left. I immediately tried to get a rep and report recording said high call volume and hung up. I tried the next day and now i get technical difficulties. Cant access my online account either. Tried to reset password and says they sent an email. I have yet to receive the email 2 days later.

  • Jul 30, 2018

Denied my fraud claim! Did not give my claim the time of day! They took 45 days and denied my fraud claim for a reason that wasn't in anyway possible for me to do!

  • May 22, 2018

On April 3 I discovered my former cable company had billed my direct express card $148 upon calling direct express I was told this was the 4th attempt and 3 others for $140 that weren’t approved. So I disputed this transaction. Today upon calling direct express I was told my dispute was denied. That the terms and conditions of the cable network were followed. We are talking a company I was on auto pay with that I turned off and was still off after this transaction. I also did not authorize this transaction. If there was a bill I’d never received it. So how would I know to pay it. I had paid the last bill of the contract. Furthermore, the direct express rep told me I needed to call dish fir the refund. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? It’s an unauthorized transaction.

What are your terms & picies for this? He replied we do not honor those transactions. BUT YOU JUST DID! I’m cancelling my card. I’m on SSDI and as I told the direct express rep. I use my card for all utilities, internet, cable, if any of them have my card # they can bill me without my permission? I can not afford these people to decide who they can pay and it being my money have nothing to say about it. "YOUshoukdnt have used your card for auto pay” he told me. It was then cancelled. Like your card after June. I’ve had many issues with direct express. If they honor those who bill you more than you it’s time to make a change. They are hard to get a hold of and know very little about the card services. This man didn’t know their policies on unauthorized payments. He had to put me on hold to find out. Beware, go elsewhere.

  • May 15, 2018

I called my card to check my balance & it states that $876.00 (my SSDI check) was deposited on May 3rd & on May 9th an $869.00 transaction was made. Noone has my pin or access to my card & noone can explain to me where the transaction was "made" to. I keep calling & getting the run around. My SSDI pays for my rent, gas & electric, phone, groceries, & insurances and I barely get by as it is.

All of my bills are set up automatically to be taken out at the end of every month so there's no reason anyone should or could have touched my money. I don't know who to turn to & I have no idea what I'm going to do. Please help. The Social Security referred me to Direct Express & I haven't had a problem in 2 years & now my entire SSDI check has mysteriously dissappeared

  • May 14, 2018

Disputed 3 unauthorized ATM withdrawals from my Direct Express account. On the 26th of March, someone ordered a new card to be sent to their address without my knowledge. On the 30th of March they made 2 ATM withdrawals for 599.00 and 189.99 and on the 3rd of April for 353.00. I called direct express on the 4th of April as I tried to use the card I had but was not able to since once the new card was issued to the other person, mine no longer worked. I reported the charges as fraudulent and was told they will send me paperwork that I need to complete and send back. I completed paperwork and faxed on the 16th of April. I called and was told it had not been received. I faxed twice on the 17th of April and was told it takes 24 to 48 hours to receive faxes. I called on the 18th of April and still no paperwork received by them. I got a confirmation report on each fax I sent saying they were submitted and transmitted successfully. I called on the 19th and was told they received my paperwork that day. I had until the 18th of April to be eligible for provisional credit to my account which I achieved by faxing paperwork on the 16th and 17th but they magically got my paperwork on the 19th.

It is now the 15th of May. I call every day and am only told that my dispute is in process. This is in direct violation of the EFTA as I have not received ANY credit to my account for the disputed charges. They only give me the run around and have no idea what they are doing. I even had a supervisor confirmed the date of the faxes I sent as the 16th and 17th of April yet I was not given the provisional credit

  • Jan 9, 2018

I went online to check for my social security money and found my account suspended for fraud the notation said. On calling to find out why, the representative couldn’t tell me what the real reason was. The only thing they said is that I have to call Social Security to initiate a M.O.U. process. I called Social Security and they told me that they are not aware of a such thing and that all my information are correct and I am in good standing with them. I called Direct Express and told them what Social Security said, this time they told me that I have to go to a Social Security office to initiate this process. I asked why they want me to this, I was not given any explanation…they said this is what I need to do for them to release my funds! I asked to speak to a supervisor…but the representative hang up on me! In the past my card has been blocked more than five times, for security reasons, but, they have always cancelled the card and issued a new one….BUT, NOT THIS TIME!

Researching online I found out that I am not the first one to run into this problem with Direct Express, I am disabled and I have very limited transportation, I cannot run around from office to office trying to fix this problem. Also, my social security benefits is my only income and I have bills that needs be paid. Please, I am not sure what else can be done to have Direct Express unblock my card and release the funds, I don’t know why my card has been suspended for fraud and what this alleged fraud is. All my personal information, Social Security number and address have not changed…so why this MOU process? I hope anyone here has an answer for me. Thank you

  • Dec 26, 2017

I had unauthorised charges on my card for 2 month's totaling over $440.00 .I filled my reports and while waiting for a written conformation, I would have the company put the money back in then take it off the next day.this has gone on for three months , plus I called to let them know I received a written letter ( stating they had opened a investigation regarding the fake charges of $208.00) even considering that's half owed me..they then took a additional 208.00$ out of my check. Now I'm at - $40.00 at Christmas no presents here! Because its a government card , how can I get back my $628.00 !!!

  • Dec 5, 2017

I receive death benefits on my daughter’s behalf for my deceased husband.

Upon checking my card this morning, I discovered that all of the money on the card had been stolen, in the form of 3 purchases to “Nordstrom #0774, in Aventura Florida. My card is still in my possession, no one has my PIN or access to my card. I called US Direct Express to report this theft. After being disconnected several times, I was finally able to connect to a customer service representative who canceled my card and issued me a new one, which will be mailed to my home address.

I was then transferred to another department. I spoke with a customer service representative named Alisha who proceeded to tell me they would mail me some forms and I would need to fill them out and send them back, she stated it would take up to 90 business days for them to complete their investigation and decide if they were going to return the stolen funds. I tried to clarify the timeline, but she put me through to a recording that gave me an address to send the paperwork to and then the call ended.

I called back and was told that it would take at least 90 business days to investigate the theft. How is this posssible? I am a victim of theft and depend on this money to live and support my children.

Has anyone been successful in getting their money back within a timely manner?

Please help!

  • Nov 6, 2017

Misleading information on hold for an hour and 35 minutes ask to talk to a supervisor by Blanco was put on hold for 30 minutes to have Ryan pick up the phone asked Ryan for a supervisor 8 times refused finally got ahold of Josh supervisor ask for ID badge number employee number refused to give it bad customer service why would I want to deal with them. been waiting 12 days for new card ex-wife took 17 days to get new card and paid for 2-day delivery from UPS. maybe I'll go back to paper checks at least they were on time .one person real nice real helpful knows all the rules her name was crystal badge number 101684. this person was very knowledgeable helpful considerate. the rest of them people dirtbags. as far as I'm concerned it's my money prompt says one thing customer service employees say another. when first got card first card took 2 days I'm at 12 now how asinine is that and to be told I cannot talk to his supervisor .that's ridiculous bad customer service why are they in business

  • Oct 30, 2017

This company as well took my money it was for 280.00 all in google .99 x 100 plus more.I contacted google who confirmed not my acct nor did I make charges and direct express refused refund.

  • Oct 24, 2017

Direct express aka conduent stole my money far worse than my original fraud claim could then lied about it. I am a disable womnan I reported my claim July 24, 2017 they never sent me a fraud form nor could i ever get thru... i am frustrated as i got word today in an email that they had yet anoter hearing and denied my claim due to conflicting information...i am disabled i cant be in three counties in 5 cities even if i could walk...they took my social security settlement and now my yr old and i are homeless...this so called advocate they sent me to knows this and still BS me today is October 23, 2017 7:03pm and this woman asked me to do and provide all this evidenc and never presented it i got a letter for the very first time since my replace ment card today months latter with an amount that is was denied nowhere near the amount she asked me to clarifiy 3900 is what i claimed i know they know i am due my unauthorized charge refund and they have done everything not to provide it back i am afraid they they are getting away with this... I need help..

  • Oct 24, 2017

This month I went to the post office and purchased two money orders for a total of $184.90 cents, later that day I checked their mobile phone app to calculate my balance and pay more bills. I immediately noticed that my balance was not what it should be so I looked at the transactions only to find the USPS transaction duplicated as to the transaction number and dollar amount. When I did the math it’s completely obvious that it’s a double dip/duplicate deduction. I then started trying to contact Direct Express only to encounter recordings, a phone tree that goes no where and eventually you end up on hold and then suddenly disconnected. This frustrating process went on for more than 24 hours when finally I got a “real” person who then put me on hold for 62 minutes....then I spoke to the “dispute department”, this person told me they were receiving multiple calls for the same problem. He was not able to fix it and I would have to fill out a form that he would snail mail me and receive it in 7 to 10 Days. Then I had to fill it out (if it arrives at all) and can fax it to the number he gave me and then my complaint would be addressed in 45 to 90 Days!! They have 100’s maybe even 1000’s of people that they have robbed of their fixed income and we have to prove they took it and maybe get it credited back in up to 3 months. Don’t deal with these people, demand a paper check be mailed to you, if you insist SSA will issue you a check instead of debit card or direct deposit. This company is abusing elders, and the disabled and social security and the US Treasury’s office informed them, make a stand file your complaint and get SSA to stop doing business with US DIRECT RXPRESS AND ANY OTHER NAME THEY USE!

  • Oct 10, 2017

I went online on 10/4/17 to check for transactions to assure paymnts made were showing. I discovered that 4 transactions had been made on my account and were INTERNATONAL. I began calling U S Direct Express at 2:15pm and repeatedly without getting through until 8:45 pm. I informed rep and account was reviewed she saw the transactins but they were pending at that time. I informed her these were not done by me (cardholder) because I had my card living in Maryland and my card has card reader.Rep told me I needed to call back in 5 days to dispute them.

The following day 10/5/17 I checked account so I coukd go to withdraw money and saw that 4 additional transactions made leaving me with $13.31 in my account. It appeared these transactions done in Florida again i'm in Maryland. I began calling at 2:25pm, 3:03pm,3:58pm, 6:18pm withouthgetting through. I finally spoke with rep at 7:40pm toldwhat happened on 10/4. I was told a new card ould be sent and to expect in 5 to 10 business days. She stated a claim form would be sent for the amount shown which ws $45.16.

Well, I'm distraught regarding this becasue as the cardholder wih this card in my ossession only to be told it's a process and that a claim form needs to be done for all amounts. I tried calling them to ask them to check for total amount now showing so I could request claim form be sent it became IMPOSSIBLE to get throught to speak with anyone. I don't the required info asked by the prompt and no option to press ZERO to speak with a representative how unprofessional and such an inconveience to all recipients of Social Security ever experiencing such breach or scam done.

This company should either change their prompt and have better customer service avaailable to our GOVERNMENT RECIPIENTS. I am very dissatisfied with U S Direct Express

  • Oct 4, 2017

There have been 3 instances of unauthorized charges on my account . 1 was on Google play store where it was like a button to ordedomething for 1.99 got stuck like 83 timesi it was the first time I ever used the internet to purchase something. And I was treated like I was lying. These charges were in an extremely short period of time .I was denied the return of those charges even though I had only done actual total charges so I requested a new card in case someone else was doing it or had my info .but when I got my card they sent it to me in my previously married name and tried to argue with me about my last name.and said that there has never been a card sent to me in my married name my husband I are both on the card so every time he needed to use it they wouldn't allow it due to the last name on the card it's been two years now and I ordered another card from them on the 24 the and it is the 3 Rd t.i still don't have a new card nor has one been sent because if it had this old card would be inactive immediately .it took me and my attorney at nearly a month to get past the I'm sorry high call volume please call back later click! even when I tried at 2 a.m still got the same response ! Toward the middle of the month.

The otherissue is still going on and I have yet to be able to report it as the same message comes on the phone with them hanging on me .that is I have had a number of unauthorized charges on my account equalling nearly $ 300. And I just got my money and there is another one for 59. Dollars but again I can't call them because of high call volume . so I signed up for an account on thec app but there is no link to reporting unauthorized charges or for any customer support of any kind only that same phone number that hangs up on me .so I called security who told I me I must call direct express for issues like that these charges are due to an I'd theft I think but I can't even report it because of the costantl excuses of there high call volume.even at 2a.m.they must be doing something wrong with call volume so consistent even through the whole night every night ? And why isn't there any technical support for anything from them the sad thing is when I finally did get a hold of them about a new card I still didn't even get the card ! So what are they doing ? Makes you wonder

  • Sep 5, 2017

The bank sent a replacement card to someone without my consent!? She spent funds i want my funds back!? I filed all dispute claims?! They know i didnt spend it?! I was incarerated!!" Its that simple ! I have proof!/ i,m disabled vet on ssdi!? Medical troubles need my funds returned! Its all i have??!

  • Aug 30, 2017

I have worked with Level 2 department for several years I have file a report against the suspect my identical twin sister and have submitted a copy of the police report die I have been getting ripped off for years now. I have been provided several account summarysvshowing that my social security checks were not deposited into my account I ttried contacting the u.s. department of treasury I am not going To stop til I get all the money that where stolen from me.

  • Aug 10, 2017

Someone stole my card info and made several onlin3 purchases and wiped my card within minutes. i contacted they returned some of my money but not all. the card company said it would take 90 days to investigate the fraud. meanwhile im homeless with no money

  • Aug 7, 2017

DirectExpress let money be taking out of my ssa acct even after I told them it was still pending. For something I didn't order it was fraudulent internationally ordering

  • Aug 4, 2017

I am on disabilaty, recently my card was misplaced at the store. Some theiving jerk took it upon themselves to have their way with my card instead of being a good simeritan and turning it in. On top of all that, if that stupid smart chip hadnt been on my card, they wouldnt have gotten one cent but thanks to some nit-wit coming up with a stupid idea to put a smart chip on my card, the purpetrator was able to spend over 500.00 dollars of my money. I couldnt pay rent and as a result i was evicted and forced out in the street (after making a police report, and waiting on direct express to find the money in my favor. this all happened in april. it is now august. they finally reimbursed me approximatley 300 dollars back and about 200 more was to be reimbursed as well. when just the other day i was took by surprise when they took 200 back after theyhad already put it on my card. they claimed that the decision was not in my favor yet. if thats so why the h*** would they put any on my card to begin with?? us direct express are nothing but shady a*s dirt merchants and they are rude as hell. im making a physical trip up to their corporate office since nothing can be done or nobody can do anything. im taking it in my own hands. besides ive only got a few more years left as it is so i figure this will d*** well be put on my bucket list last. they will learn how it is to suffer because i am going to make them pay. its not just the money, its the pure fact that it is wrong and no one is doing anything about it. if we all united as strength in numbers do work in cases like this. they would be running to the hills. weel ive got somthing for them that they pprobably wont have time to run simply because im living in the steets as of now due to these sorry a*s sons a bitches. there i said what i had to say. now, now im headed to the bus station after i close this out.

  • Jul 11, 2017

My purse was stolen and account drained have police report and filed all necessary paperwork with direct express. They will not give me my money back and now my children and I are being foreable evicted and the agent at direct express told me if I was more careful with my stuff this wouldn't have happened an laughed at me! Can someone please help me get my money back?

  • Jul 8, 2017

On June 1, I had a transaction that required disputing on my Direct Express card. That's when my nightmare began. I had to give the information to a representative after a 15 minute hold only to be transferred to Level 2 dispute department. I was immediately disconnected. This process was only repeated for the next 8 days until I finally got transferred to Level 2. After a week of waiting, I finally received the paperwork from Direct Express and promptly returned it. Three days later, I had another letter stating Direct Express is closing the dispute because I hadn't returned the password. They are understaffed apparently since they can't take a call. They have no way to fax or email. It is a waste of time to try to get any money returned to you even Under the Electronic Fund Transfers Act, the financial institution is required to investigate a notice of error within 10 days and inform you in writing of the results of their investigation. If they don’t do that, they must provisionally credit your account for the disputed money and conduct a longer investigation, which can’t last longer than 45 days. Direct Express doesn't care about what happens to your money. They are committing a crime by themselves.

  • Jul 6, 2017

I am receiving state disability checks and have been using direct express master card for almost two years. Since using their service i have often noticed discrepancies in the amount of money i have in my account. In all of my attempts to contact master card direct i have had to wait several hours on hold. When i have been able to wait on hold and actually had my call answered the same female person that answers asks for my social security number, my birthdate, the correct spelling of my name and then disconnects the call. This happens every time I've ever gotten through to this company. I still have no idea where my funds and money are or where theyve gone. And every month it happens again. This month i have nine unaccountable purchases made from my card. I know i did not make these purchases. When i reached the company to help me find who the transactions were with, the woman i spoke with asked all pertinent and private numbers of mine and when i reported to her that i know all of my previous purchases were paid she disconnected the call. I have tried to contact them via there internet website only to be given a most unnerving runaround. I am disabled, i cannot work and my disability checks are all i have to survive. I am very careful where and how much money i spend because it's very difficult to make ends meet with what little i do have. To find that someone or someones had access to and is taking my money has hurt me to the core. My youngest son is my helper at my home and i regret that i have blamed him in the past for what i now know is someone else entirely. I need help. I do not know where else to go to find out where my money is going off even who is spending it.

  • Jul 6, 2017

I'm recently retired and receive my hard-earned monthly social security benefits on the government's "official" prepaid MasterCard called the Direct Express MasterCard.

All I can say is that it is impossible to get a live person to speak with in their customer service department about a suspicious withdrawal. When I finally got a hold of someone, the person was nice enough, but told me she didn't have the authority to help me and that someone would would call me back in a few days.

After waiting for more than a week, I finally got tired of waiting and called back where I was on hold for 27 minutes before someone picked up the phone. This time, a different but nice person still could not help me. She told me the federal government hired a company called Conduent, which apparently used to be called Xerox Services, to run the Direct Express MasterCard customer service department.

I can call any other credit card company and speak to a customer service. All I can say is that our government made the wrong choice when it comes to picking a company to run their customer service.

Thumbs down on Conduent for lousy customer service support, slow response time, and very high fees not commensurate with the level of service received.

I will be moving my future social security payments to the card because the fees are mostly free but always cheaper, offers checks to help me pay certain bills, and the customer service is excellent.

  • Jul 5, 2017

My name is juan i had lost my card and reported to direct express for a new card with they granted. however i dint receive that card so i call again for a new card but becuse it was almost the ending of the month i request a 2 day delivery for an amount of 14 dollars too receieve the card on time. today is the fourth of july and i havent receive my july funds that ssi send me. can you help me with this matter. please i have too pay my rent thank you hope too hear from ya soon

  • Jun 6, 2017

Since last week, US Direct Express froze my card. The online explanation is that the card is under investigation. However, the funds Direct Express are holding were from a reservation to stay at a hotel and not for recreational purposes but because I am facing a " wrongful eviction " even though, I agreed to a court settlement in front of a judge in order to transition out peacefully. I was two-timed by the appointee employee of my current Leasing Rental management company. Due to the eviction records under my name and the pressure to leave this residence, I contracted the services of another company that charges a pretty penny. I decided to book a hotel through for this save the " credit discredited " had not given me any confirmation of locking an apartment for me. My husband and I agreed on booking a hotel room as to the alternative of eviction upon us. Then, I was notified one or two days prior to the scheduled eviction that an apartment had approved me.

I canceled the hotel reservation with and Priceline sent me a notice for canceling the hotel reservation. As time is upon my family and me to make a payment to move into the new place , U.S. Direct Express freezes my account. I have been calling in tears and those CS agents have jerked me around between their Level 1 and Level 2 Customer Service staff. They do not give me an explanation, nor an answer of how long this investigation will take ? I called Priceline and they confirmed that on their side the cancelation had been made and Priceline even agreed to a two-way call with Direct Express and Direct Express hung up on both, Priceline and me. Repeatedly, I have been calling and attempted to reach a resolution for those funds that I need imperatively in order to lock the move as this mediator company, I hired to assist me with the move is also applying pressure and threatening that I am going to lose the place unless I pay this much and by such and such rules - which by the way include not refunding me a penny of what I paid them and it is in the thousands.

I am very stressed out and this is a catch 22 problematic , lose-lose for my family and me. U.S. Direct Express has continued to hang up on me over and over without any explanations other than overpowering " nastiness " and I am no rich person. I suspect that none of this is any coincidence and it is a ' network ' of business working together through ' their ' employees. In any case, this report is against U.S. Direct Express even though I deemed giving a brief account of the overall picture of my circumstances. U.S. Direct Express is toying with my own life and livelihood. These companies are targeting vulnerable people. I mean this sincerely and not being " dramatic " at all as I'm undergoing this process and attempting to write this report as factually and efficiently as possible for others to know and my own well being's sake.

  • May 17, 2017

I am a Ssi recipient who receives my funds on a direct express card. After some unauthorized charges (approx $280 worth by the same merchant) appeared on my account before Feb 15th (the date I started the charge back process with direct express). I was finally given a provisional credit for that same amount (approx April 3rd) nearly two months after I started the charge back process. I was given this provisional credit only to have it taken away (in less than 30 days) without notice or authorization by direct express. Which is essentially the same action as the original offending company did (committed unauthorized charge without notice).

It's been over 90 days (charge back started Feb. 15, today is May 16th) since I started this charge back and I'm left without resolution. I've spent over days worth of hours on the phone to direct express over the past three months, and have gotten nowhere. Today's third call has gained me the knowledge (from a supervisor) that my claim was approved and closed out yesterday and I would get a letter stating this and when to expect my money. When asked why I don't have my money back today after this terribly long hardship the supervisor stated "maybe they are waiting for you to receive the letter before they deposit your funds". I've probably spoken to every supervisor that works for direct express and none of them ever quite seem know what's going on during my many calls, and even if they did are left at the mercy of their supposed and mysterious charge back department. Of whom has no telephone number to call, and only method of contact is the submitting of a support ticket by the very person who doesn't know what's going on. You are left at the mercy and hope that this support ticket is properly expressed and worded correctly so that these two parties can communicate and your problem will be solved. Which is never the case because the supervisors often leave out pertinent info, and the messages are poorly expressed causing a communication breakdown as the recipient charge back department picks the note off the back burner and comes to a resolution requiring the least amount of effort right or wrong. I've just given up during past issues regarding fees in the past because of this losing money in the process.

  • May 9, 2017

Direct express refuse to return my stolen funds that was paid direct tv bill 220.00 fro from my Direct Express Card they hang up the phone pretend that they can't hear me on the calls they constantly hang up the phone and are very rude it is unfair that I am sucking on a set income and they would not dispute the problem I am not the only victim in this there are several more we need him to solve this problem with Direct Express

  • May 5, 2017

I have to contact a live person at Direct Express and through all methods, including older tips her, they no longer work. In the past, year ago never had the problem but now they appear do not even have a live person. Options they give are few, and do not cover all situations. Wish I could have deposits somewhere else by the Federal Government.

  • Apr 22, 2017

I was issued a paychek plus debit mastercard from the oregon health plan so that they could deposit reimbursement funds. I ended up using the same card to receive my financial aid student grants and loans, which I am now discovering to be an astrological error on my behalf. Not even two days after the funds were deposited into my account I received a voice message saying that my account may 'possibly' be compromised and locked and gave me a phone number to call with a claim number. I call the number which ended up being an automated answering service which didn't even request me to confirm my identity, or available balance, the operator asked me to confirm whether or not I had made the 3 transactions that they flagged as suspicious, which I did because indeed those 3 purchase were legitimate and made by myself . After doing so it said that my account was clear and in good standing. Long story my entire account was drained in two transactions. one for 954 $ and the second one to a different name for the remaining $932. It is an utter nightmare trying to deal with these clowns. After they transferred me 4 different times, I was told that they would fax me an official dispute form within 4 hours, and if I filed the dispute then they would reimburse my funds on a new debit. Basically, I keep getting the run around I never received the fax and each time I call to check the status I get a different story every single time.....I am so screwed, How are these lowlife crooks still up and operating? I don't know what to do from here, if anyone has any advice I would very much appreciate it because my entire college career is jeopardized and hanging on whether or not i get those funds back

  • Feb 17, 2017

Hello, I'm David. This is about to get the best of me.the 1st of Feb/2017 All my money was drained from My benafits card. Used a $700.00 Bank Draft.I have never done a Bank Draft or had my card informatchon breeched In 9years of haveing the card. But they let isail rite thru. I had to file a dispute at Direct Express to get it fixed. So far I nave been Lied To, Given the run around, Pattranised , Put off a date5 times and flat out told by a dispute worker told me nothing can be done. I explained I am 63 and live hand to mouth on my benafits. And will be put out on the streets. I allready have 4 late payment notices. I have been on the phone or computer 10 or 12 hours a day the last 16 days. I is like these people are God. It has ruined my life. Is thair a Smart Coragus Lawyer out There willing to take this Godlike company on?? Thousends of folks are done this way.

  • Feb 8, 2017

DirectExpress Mastercard issued through CoAmerica has been an instrument to route SS benefits and Disbility benefits to

Seniors and Disbled who choose this option. Since it placed US in front of it I believed it was backed by FDIC. Read other

horror stories online where people literally are begging for help with the butchering jobs their accounts have endured.

I can share several stories and should long have changed my benefits to a checking account but will post the most

recent and the worst.

On February 3rd my benefits went onto the card at just after midnight. Within several hours

3 seperate transactions happened allegedly in Miami, Fl at an ATM. Keep in mind I was issued one card and it was

with me in Hammond, Louisiana which logistically cannot happen in that period of time even on the "Concord."

The first rep after waiting forever was beyond rude. Of course I am paying to get another card to get remaining

funds and I had to agree to let them subtract money for that plus an overnight fee. I was told they would have to

send me a dispute form and after I fill it out and send back it can take 40-45 days to determine whether I get my

own money back.

My sister finally got a number where at least I was given a fax number to send copy of transactions

and to request the form be faxed. We have faxed 3 times with no response and it has been over 24 hours.

One rep. refused to give my sister her first name and hung up on her. When she called back rep. just picked up

phone without answering and promptly hung up again! My sister is willing to help me go to the top of wherever

to stop this abuse of Seniors and retrieve funds for all abused by this.

Somebody is getting super rich off of hardworking Americas. Enough. Please anyone who wishes to join us or serve as legal counsel contact me.

  • Dec 21, 2016

Direct Express is the company that runs the payment system to Disabled Veterans. I would think that means they won the contract with the U. S. Government to do so. But I would not be surprized to learn that they got the job via other means.

Just as I have read by some Social Security recipients, Direct Express has stolen from us Disabled Veterans as well. From me personally? Exactly $407.16. And what can I do about it? Nothing. I have tried and tried and tried. I have not hired an attourney because it seems counter productive to do so. If he/she won it back for me, I'd have to pay it to them.

But Direct Express mistreats us Vets at every turn. They never answer the phone, the path to get to a human is non-sensical. And they deny everything of course. I hope they lose this contract, soon. They have been a ripoff since day one.

  • Dec 15, 2016

Someone used my card in ordered over 600 $ on games in 24 hours on my card I called in report fraudulent transactions they sent me a claim paper to fill out I did returned it a month went buy I called only to talk to a repersentive then be transferred to a clam specialest then be disconnected this has been happing for over three months straight still haven been compisated for anything this happened twice with them.


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