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Digital TV Express

Country United States
State Colorado
City Englewood
Address 3153 S. Lincoln St
Phone 1-866-877-8989

Digital TV Express Reviews

  • Apr 10, 2019

Allow me to begin by telling you that digital tv express, aka:, info net products,, are scammers, liars and thieves!!!

My initial contact with this company was on 9/28/2011. I spoke with a scum bag who identified himself as jd. Jd stated that these cable converters are plug and play converters that will receive all cable programming, as soon as they are connected. He stated that he was running a special of two television converters, for the price of one. I fell for his gimmick and i paid him by electronic check due to him stating that they do not accept credit cards - the web site states that credit cards are accepted!!! one converter, not two, showed up about a week later and the first thing i noticed after pulling it out of the box, was that it looked like it just came out of a trash dumpster - it was used, had a cracked display, scratches on every surface, extremely dirty, poor paint, torn labels, and overall in extremely poor condition. Needless to say, this piece of junk did not work!

I have proof that only one, not two, converters were shipped and can be verified by the shipping weight. I checked with my cable service provider and was advised that this cable converter was useless and could not be programmed to work with their cable system. This converter came with a return shipping label, which seemed a little strange - i guess they were expecting for it to be returned. Could this be because they were counting on me using the shipping label and they could charge me the same $60.00 they charged other customers for shipping? On 10/14/11, i finally spoke to someone who identified himself as andy whos voice sounded a lot like the guy who identified himself as jd. I advised him that the converter did not work, it is in terrible condition and the fact that i did not receive the second converter. He advised me that he would immediately ship two replacement units and e-mail me a tracking number that same day. He said i could return the defective unit when it was convenient for me to, but no big hurry. Being that i only had 15 days to return the unit for a full refund, i immediately packed and paid for the return shipment of the converter. I made many calls and left many messages - the two times the phone was actually answered, i left a message with a female who identified herself as nicole. Nicole promised i would get a returned phone call. All other phone calls were answered by a answering machine and i did leave a message every time. I still have not received my refund and have my doubts if i will see one after reading how they ripped off so many people. I encourage everyone who has fallen victims to these scum bags, to file a complaint with all of the following agencies:

Better business bureau : http://denver.Bbb.Org/ colorado of attorney generals consumer protection: https://www.Coloradoattorneygeneral.Gov/departments/consumer_protection/file_consumer_complaint internet crime complaint center: http://www.Ic3.Gov/default.Aspx federal bureau of investigation Fbi): http://www.Fbi.Gov/scams-safety/fraud/internet_fraud consumer fraud reporting: http://www.Consumerfraudreporting.Org/reporting.Php ncl's fraud center: http://www.Fraud.Org/info/contactnfic.Htm consumer complaint agency:

If any of the above links to these agencies are deleted, you can google the name to file your complaints. I could not find a link to file a complaint with the englewood police department, so you will have to call them.

Personally, i would be happy to have 5 minutes in a dark alley with jd but since this will not happen any time soon, i will file a complaint with all of the organizations above. If all victims do the same, we can put this scum bag out of business, once and for all and possibly put him in jail where he belongs. Below are some of the quotes, lies and complaints i read from other victims:

This company is a total scam this is a very dishonest company do not purchase anything from this company. They will rip you off company is a ripoff everything on web page is not true cable converters do not work i was scammed falsely advertised dvr cable boxes false advertising, antiquated system they guarantee converters to work 15 day no questions money back guarantee They do not honor) all you have to do is take it out of the box and plug it in i was charged a 20% restocking fee they refuse to let me get my money back still waiting for my final payment they will accept the return then tell you that you are not eligible for a refund since you requested dealer pricing they are taking $60.00 out of my refund for the shipping - for the shipping to return it from las vegas, nv to broomfield co by ups ground converter is a piece of junk units are not refurbished or new they said it was new. Liars! the unit was in poor condition, it was all scratched up and the serial number sticker on it said that it was made in 2004 i've tried contacting this scamming company all to no avail contacted the company by phone which no one answers numerous phone calls and numerous messages left doesnt honor their return policy cable boxes will not work and are not compatible with cable company they dont answer your phone messages and dont answer your emails either i had to write and call at least 2 dozen times for my refund described in digital tv's website as "plug and play" - not true this is not plug and play.

Since i have been in contact with digital tv express and expressed my concerns, they have updated their website in an attempt to cover their lies i have been going in circles for almost a month now with this company and they refuse to let me get my money back i called my cable provider told me there was no way they would activate that unit, because it doesnt run on there software units are not refurbished or new, as stated web sites states we guarantee these converters to receive all cable programming web sites states included are simple plug and play hook up instructions guaranteed to receive all the cable channels that my cable company offered didnt get any of the cable channels called their "tech support" it was just a recording telling me to go to there web site they keep your money. The customer ends up with nothing its like pulling teeth with "jd". What ever you do, do not buy anything from this co. File as many claims with the bbb. Attorney general and any other consumer protection websites you can find. Eventually after enough complaints this company will be put out of business

I intend to contact all major shippers to advise them of this fraudulent company. If these shippers continue shipping these units for a known fraudulent company, the shipping companies may also be held partially liable for damages if they are aware they are shipping / assisting in the fraudulent acts. I am willing to join all other victims in a class action law suit against jd and his company and i encourage everyone else to join suit.

If you have already given them your hard earned money, document all conversations and your attempts to contact them, include all calls that they do not return Dates, times & details). Immediately return the junk converter that they send you and make sure to pay for the shipping and get a tracking number to verify they received it. Demand a full refund and plan on having to file a complaint with all the agencies listed above.

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