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Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Tarentum
Address 555 Pittsburgh Mills Circle
Phone 1-800-440-4693

DigiExpress Reviews

  • Oct 3, 2016

I sent in my Ipod Nano to get fixed because I cracked the screen. They advertise on the internet to fix the screen for $29.99, but after you look further, they charge for parts as well. To make a long story short, I ended up paying $81.00 plus shipping and handling. I could've, and should've, gotten a refurbished ipod Nano from apple for $75. I was duped, but it gets worse. They said they would guarantee the replaced screen for life. WRONG!!!... After about 6 months, my screen started to show some flaky defects underneath the screen they replaced.

It regressively has gotten worse, so I called Digiexpress to get a replacement realizing I had a lifetime warranty. They told me the warranty was for the screen, not the labor. Now I have to pay, shipping again..., and an additional $25 for the repair. What a SCAM... This company is horrible. On top of everything, the customer service was rude and unapolagetic... Please, don't anyone, use this company's services. Lastly, It took 2 months for my original replacement to be sent back to me. They said they had lost my paperwork... These guys STINK!!!! lol

  • Aug 12, 2016

I shipped my ipod touch to digi express because I beleived they would repair the glass for $25.00.I shipped it at my own expense for $7.00.

Upon shipping my ipod they said as follows :

We are waiting for your device to begin your repair.Standard Repair service is $25.00

The total came to $31.83 because they charged me return shipping of $6.83

So today I received an email saying I have an invoice of $89.99 to begin my repair work!!!

I called and they told me oh no its not $89.99 that is just for the new glass.It will have additonal cost to do the labor!

I told them to send it back Ill have someone else do it someone that is a scam artist.SO now Im out a total of $38.88 for NOTHING.

Never again will I send my repairs in the mail to a company that is not local.Total scam do not use these people.

They were not at all sympathitc or understanding.I guess when you are dishonest why would you be.

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