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Diamond Cavazos

Country United States
State California
City Poway
Address 13417 Sutter Mill Rd

Diamond Cavazos Reviews

  • Jun 20, 2017

DIAMOND ELLA CAVAZOS is a professional victim cannot take responsibility for his or her own shortcomings and life failures, so they claim to be a victim of circumstance. She will file a frivolous lawsuit that is filed with the intention of harassing, annoying, or disturbing the opposite party. Her custom and practice fits the profile of a person who files lawsuits to gain attention to fulfill her need of feeling entitled.

On or about August 7, 2012, Mr. R. received a tax refund that Defendant felt belonged to her. RIVAS refused to give her the money; DIAMOND threatened to go to RIVAS’ commanding officer if RIVAS did not turn over the money. DIAMOND called the Command Staff and complained about RIVAS multiple times. Thereafter, DIAMOND contacted RIVAS’ girlfriend via facebook and falsely accused him of cheating on her. Ultimately, RIVAS obtained a restraining order against DIAMOND in San Diego Superior Court Case DN-165167.

In 2012, DIAMOND paid a bail premium to bail out of jail. She owed money on that bail bond and refused to pay. She sued Bad Boys Bail Bonds in San Diego Superior Court Case 37-2013-00033478-CL-NPCTL, claiming unlawful debt collection practices. That case was dismissed.

In 2013, DIAMOND was caught misappropriating money from her employer, WELLS FARGO bank. When supervisors questioned the money shortages, DIAMOND claimed she was being sexually harassed and attacked by specific female co-workers. After supervisors determined there was insufficient information to support her complaint, DIAMOND started a website and publicly identified the people she claimed harassed and attacked her. As a result, the good names of several young female employees are now falsely portrayed as sexual attackers and lesbians on the internet. Ultimately DIAMOND sued Wells Fargo Bank and the female staff in the United States District Court, Case Number 13-4626.

In 2015, DIAMOND was fired from her employment with Ashford University, LLC in San Diego. After several problems, her employment was terminated. As a result, she filed a class action complaint alleging, among others, failure to pay minimum wages, failure to pay overtime, failure to provide rest breaks, failure to provide meal periods, and others. That lawsuit was filed in the San Diego Superior Court, Case 37-2015- 00020788-CU-OE-CTL.

In 2016, DIAMOND received credit and failed to pay. She sued Southwest Credit Systems LP in case number 37-2016-00012123-CLNP-CTL. In that case, she claimed the defendants committed violations of the fair debt collection practices act.

In 2017, DIAMOND was terminated from her employment at United Education Institute. In turn, she filed a lawsuit alleging the exact same causes of actions alleged against Ashford University in 2015.

In 2017, DIAMOND sued Iron Law because she felt she did not get the results of the services she wanted. Court records on file show DIAMOND filed false police reports, multiple negative YELP reviews, complaints with the BBB, Franchise Tax Board, Attorney General, State Bar, and Thumbtack. There, she claimed a Piru Gang Mamber was innocent, even though multiple people identified him as the person who killed one person and attempted to kill two others.

The moral of the story is DO NOT HIRE OR BE HIRED BY DIAMOND unless you are prepared to be a victim of her rants.

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