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Designer Appliances

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Montclair
Address 208 Bellevue Ave.
Phone (888) 714-4938

Designer Appliances Reviews

  • Mar 15, 2017

Designer Appliances I placed and paid for a order 02/06/17...about a week later delivery company called to arrange delivery (AM trucking) on the following Friday, we waited & waited...nothing, no one came ,no one called....the following Monday I called , no apologies just a bland response that someone would call me to rearrange delivery... weds I got a call informing of a thursday delivery,I said that it was to short of notice,ok then it will have to be next week...3 weeks after paying in full I got my delivery! Now the fun starts, the dishwasher was smashed on the corner which was not revealed to me,they installed it without telling me, the refrigerator was also faulty which I did notice until later when I went to use it... I contacted Appliance Direct, they contacted GE ,who sent out 2 different technicians whom both told me yes these units need to be replaced... this I already knew so did Appliance Direct because they asked for photos which I sent ! I have lost so much time of work and at this time I still do not have working units.... this whole situation has been nothing short of a dreadful experience... I the customer have had to proof that these units are faulty at my cost of taking days of work! here I am writing this report on 03/14/17 and I still have broken/smashed applainces!!!!

  • Nov 29, 2016

Beware of Designer Appliances!

There website states they deliver to contiguous United States for free on orders $1999 or greater. They do not deliver to the contiguous United States. I even offered to pay additional shipping to cover the purchase. They said it would be to complicated.

I purchased a washer, dryer and water softener. They turned around and said their shipper did not deliver to "remote" areas. I live in a metro of over a million+ people...

They would not honor their listed price and wouldn't allow me to pay the difference in the shipping.

They put up a firewall and will not let you past their customer service representatives.

I have receipts from the purchase. Nothing but straight up fraud.

When you call their customer service puts you on hold for half an hour because the individual you need to talk to "has stepped out."

I'm very disappointed since I worked very hard to line up my appliance purchases. This will cost me my Appliance rebates.

I'm disappointed with this company. :(

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