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Derrick Gatlin

Country United States
State Alabama
City Athens
Address 310 West Washington Street
Phone 256-233-6400

Derrick Gatlin Reviews

  • Mar 14, 2023

I want to know if you intend to replace the mature tree you amputated on my land? I also want to know why I can no longer view the County Commission agenda and/or minutes from your meetings? I want to know what construction is occurring around my home? I want to know why I hear heavy construction equipment running in the dark? I want to know what massive equipment brutalizes my body night and day? I want to know what dangerous instruments at or near my home? Someone has a massive power source that has been ripping the ground to shreds since January 2021 and I want to know what you intend to do about it?

I am a 70-year-old disabled woman that is being beaten, burned, and electrocuted to death. This power source is so extreme that I woke up the morning of March 11, 2023 with a broken rib and what feels like a torn muscle. There are no bussing or shuttle services and I am not even sure if I could use them in my current condition if we had such services. There is something toxic in my environment that my eyes and hands have been cut to pieces! Some of the cuts are were on the corner of my eye but others appeared to have caused a cut on the eye itself! My fingers have been “burned” mostly on the fingertips and my fingernails are blue instead of pink! My feet and legs appear to be severely bruised and my muscles appear to be disfigured, reduced to a blob of I do not know what. The skin on my belly is marred with what appears to be some sort of a rash, including brown markings. It feels like I am being electrocuted! I want to know what is happening to my home and land and I want to know what it is. Forget that! I want the environment rendered NONVOLATILE!

Are you aware that the US Geological Service had records of low-magnitude earthquakes in Athens, Alabama? Did you know that Huntsville records exceeded the number of low-grade earthquakes compared to Athens? Do you not think it might be possible for a fault line to open up and become a problem here in Athens? Why not just make some inquiries?

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