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Department of Budget and Management

Country United States
State Maryland
City Baltimore
Address 300 W Preston St
Phone 410-767-1220

Department of Budget and Management Reviews

  • Dec 23, 2017

I received a letter for an Outstanding Obligation for the amount of $4573.05. I tried to call number given several times, lines busy. I have not lived in the state of Maryland since 2002 . I have lived in the state of VA since and 1 year in the District of Columbia. After 15 years, is it legal for them to threaten me to take $4573.05 from my state taxes? For whatever reason, as it has been 15 years, I have no proof or records to fight this matter. I need legal help in this matter. As I have been reading other stories similar I would like help in resolving this matter.

  • Mar 16, 2017

I received a judgement letter from CCU to intercept my taxes and then garnish $300 from my paycheck. The problem is they took all my tax last year and sent me a letter the debt was paid. The plates and car been gone! I called there yesterday and by me being married they fining my wife all over. They are actually garnishing me all over! They are the biggest crooks in MD! I'm moving out of here! I think these Ppl need to be investigated for getting over!

  • Sep 28, 2016

I received a letter in the mail from the State of Maryland > Central Collections Unit > Fifth FloorCertifications > 300 West Preston Street Baltimore, MD 21201 on September 25, 2016. This came as quite a surprise to me, since I haven't set foot in the state of Maryland since April of 2008 and did not recall any outstanding amounts owed. This letter states that I "...will be certified to the Income Tax Division, which will cause any state income tax refund otherwise due to you to be intercepted and applied towards your indebtedness."

I called the number 1-888-248-0345 (long distance). I waited on hold for about 18 minutes, listing to a minute-long recording every 20 seconds telling me how I could make automatic payments with my CCU number. Once an operator came on the line, she informed me that the bill was from the UMAB School of Dentistry on August 29, 2006. I asked about the statute of limitations and was told, "There are no statutes of limitations on dental bills. This is the amount that your insurance didn't pay." I explained that I had Medicaid in the state of Maryland during that time, which the dental school accepted. She told me, "In July 2009, we told you that you needed to contact the dental school and YOU said youd do that." I explained that I must have called and asked UMAB to resubmit the bill, but I suppose they hadn't done so because it was still unpaid. She told me that I called CCU on April of 2010 and verbally agreed to pay $25 a month until the bill was paid off. This is incorrect. I called and asked for a consolidation agreement and was pursuaded to make $25 payments. However, this agreement was never put in writing and I therefore did not pay a bill that was never received. When I asked her why I had not been contacted in the past six years, she told me, "We're not going to call you every day for you to make your payments!" I told her that I understood that, but the verbal agreement was never put in writing. At this point, she told me, "Look, I'm not going to keep going over this with you! You HAVE to pay it..." At this point, I hung up on her, which was the most polite course of action I could think of to take.

I have 15 days from September 23 to send a letter to "request a hearing" in order to investigate circumstances of the bill. This debt has not showed up on any of my credit reports in the past 6 years or more. I will call a Maryland tax attorney tomorrow and ask about the legal ramifications of this 'outstanding obligation.'

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