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Denver Limo, Inc.

Country United States
State Colorado
City Aurora
Address 16638 E 2nd Ave
Phone 303-360-0283

Denver Limo, Inc. Reviews

  • Apr 21, 2016

If you're ever looking for a party bus or limo service never use this company they are awful!!!

Yes my prom group had a great time but there is a lot of behind the scenes stuff that makes them worthless! As high school students we saved our money to pay for this bus and the company had mentioned that the total did not include a tip so we tipped our driver at the end! During our trip the door opened not only once but 6 times.

This is a very severe problem as it was opening while on the highway making it very easy for someone to fall out. Our driver at the end of the trip told us his tip wasn't enough and he needed more! If the company expected 20% gratitude then they should have put that in the contract we signed instead of springing it to us as we get off bus stating that the tip should be $420!

We did not get the bus that we had paid for but they did not mention it. Therefore we had a 30 person bus instead of the 40 passenger bus we had oringinally paid for.

We tried to handle the situation in a mature manner as we called them and stated out suggestions based upon what happened with our experience only for them to turn around and call us seniors liars to our parents as they state the door is fine it never opened and that the driver never asked for money, but why would the group of 40 passengers pitch in over $100 more than we had originially.

I was very blessed to have such a fun time at prom but it was because of the group of people I shared it with not because of this company!

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