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Demir Energy, LLC.

Country United States
State Kentucky
City Louisville
Address 10200 Forest Green Blvd., Suite 112
Phone (502) 515-3685

Demir Energy, LLC. Reviews

  • Mar 26, 2016

I was business partners with Tulga Demir and one of his victims too.

The inspiration for this site to expose Mr. Demir as the despicable psychopath, scammer, narcissist, and thief that he is. My mission going forward is to prevent others from falling for his deceptive web of lies and manipulations which dozens of people including myself have fallen victim to over several years.

He’s a parasite to society and everyone needs to be made aware of this cancer.

I am providing photos and documents to substantiate everything I’m claiming so you may judge for yourself. All information including court documents, images, text messages, emails are either public information, was in the public domain, I had or

have authority over, or personally belongs to me. None of this sites content violates any copyrighted, trademarked, privacy laws as Mr. Demir has claimed and failed to prove in his panic to remove this site from being seen by all of you.

I am completely aware of slander and libel laws but that would only apply if I am being untruthful or even am exaggerating. None of that is needed since his own actions speak volumes.

Also, it seems that he doesn’t believe our countries First Amendment Rights of free speech and freedom of expression especially when it comes to him. Maybe he should go live in N. Korea. God bless America and the internet.

You can view the fraudulent complaint he filed to try having the site taken

down. Despite his slick talking claims, he has never been a successful businessman, never was wealthy, and as of February 2015, he is yet to generate a single dollar in profit for anyone who has trusted him with their hard earned money. Despite all that, he feels entitled to owning a Rolls Royce, lived in a $15k a month Penthouse in Miami with it’s own private pool, go on luxurious vacations, live an exorbitant lifestyle and spend tens of thousands on strippers at his favorite hangout, Dean’s Gold in Miami.

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