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Delta Faucet Company

Country United States
State Indiana
City Indianapolis
Address 35 East 111 Street
Phone 1-800-345-(3358)

Delta Faucet Company Reviews

  • Feb 20, 2021

Delta Faucet Products and Service are subpar...Buyer beware and Be Aware!! Delta's product is poorly designed and cheap but not inexpensive. Customer Service is also poorly designed and the folks

there do not answer specific and direct questions. Rather they repeat and retreat into a party line over and over which is highly unsatisfying.

I had a faucet installed six months ago whose design is flawed in that there is one and only one very specific place where the faucet will turn off. Now, in addition, it appears the functioning is faulty as well as it has started to squeak and stick after only six months of modest use.

I have written many emails asking specific questions about the faucet's design and I have never once received a reply to that question. I do get replies, but often to issues I've not even raised.

I've even asked that someone give me call, since their CS phone center is totally abysmal, but they do not respond to that simple request, either, though they do provide phone service if you call them.

Now, I am told that my choices are either to accept replacement parts (free) and pay to have then put in, OR buy an entirely new fixture, at a reducedrate. It is hard to fathom that Delta would consider it reasonable that I would want to fix a faucet whose design is flawed, or, want to buy another Delta

product with no guarantee I'd like any better , AND then pay more money both to Delta and my contractor (for repair or installation) for the likelihood I would still end up dissatisfied. These are not acceptable or reasonable options in my opinion!

My suggestion to anyone reading this who in need/search of kitchen or bathroom fixtures, or anything of the like, look elsewhere and be sure you find a company whose product and customer service are there for your satisfaction. Delta Faucet, in my experience, provides neither and it has been a very frustrating, difficult and highly inconvenient endeavor to get any satisfaction from Delta Faucet.

  • Nov 3, 2020

During 40 years of home ownership, I have used Delta faucets for all of my homes. In the past I have had some problems with the finish being corroded from the minerals in Florida water. Each time that I contacted the company, their customer service was very reponsive and after emailing them a photo, of the damage, they quickly sent me replacement parts with no questions asked. I originally contacted them on 10/15/20 to report my problem. Through 17 emails, they have repeatedly asked me the same questions over and over address, i.e. my address, when purchased, where purchased, send additional photos. etc. Thet even tried to tell me that the nozzle on the end of the faucet wasn't a Delta part (which it is). Recently I asked them when can I expect my replacement parts. They have ignored my request and are no longer responding to my emails.

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