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Delaware Park Race Track

Country United States
State Delaware
City Wilmington
Address 777 Delaware Park Blvd
Phone 1 302-994-2521

Delaware Park Race Track Reviews

  • Jan 12, 2021

Yes it is hard times but the scams the companies are running on innocent people is riduculous. I received a check for 2110.32 and was told to take out 200.00 for my first assignment , wire them 1700.00, wiring fees 110.00, shop at Macy, JCPenny or walmart for a 100.00 and keep the products. What caught my eye is the fact why I have to wire so much just to give you a report on customer service. Think about it how much customer service can you get to wire some money. I secondly called the bank and the lady assure me that it was a scam and do not cash the check. One other thing why do I have to deposit it into my checking account, when I can go to a check cashing place. I wouldnt care how much they charge to cash it, it is their money. So please people I am begging you do not fall for this scam that will cost you bank fees more than two hundred dollars what they are offering you to put you behind bars.

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