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Dedicated Commercial Recovery Inc.

Country United States
State Minnesota
City Roseville
Address 1970 Oakcrest Ave #217
Phone 1 844-351-3945

Dedicated Commercial Recovery Inc. Reviews

  • Feb 18, 2021

Where to begin! These guys are classic debt collectors, they harassing family members (yes they will call and text your brother, sister, parents telling them all about the debt you owe, how much and to whom. Even if you are in clear communication with these guys and keeping them updated at your situation and when to except payment.) Sounds like a ethical company right, like all these fake reviews? What a joke!

Who does that during this insane Covid shut down that has affected business and jobs? Thats right this company does, masquerading as some kind of collection company with a heart! Anyone being contacted by these jerk holes I suggest getting an Attorny involved who wont put up with their tactics.

I think anyone even working at this company should be embarrassed that you are preying on people that are doing with covid business fallout.

The owner Shawn and his minions such as (Dan Schneider) will be shut down one day and I plan on being apart of the reason they are. I am here to steal their souls. You screw with family in this way, karma is coming for you.

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