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Debt Resolution Solutions

Country United States
State Florida
City Orlando
Address 37 N Orange Ave Suite 500
Phone 407-926-4041

Debt Resolution Solutions Reviews

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  • Apr 10, 2019

Tony AKA AJ AKA Anthony AKA Gene sent me a letter after a creditor sued me for a very old credit card bill that had long been forgotten about. I contacted him and he said he would negotiate with them on my behalf to settle it with payments. He asked for my payment information which I stupidly gave him. He also said he would send me paperwork to sign allowing him to withdraw funds from my bank and deal with the creditor.

I never received anything to sign and when I tried to call him to cancel the agreement, I got a full voice mailbox (of course). I emailed him and heard nothing back. Left a message at his office and didn't get a callback. I then googled his name. Turns out he has several aliases and that taking funds and disappearing is his M.O. First names used are Tony, Anthony, AJ, and Gene. Last names are Place, Placek, and others as well. He has been doing this for years, always claiming that he has "never had a problem like this before" when someone complains online. He is now operating under Debt Resolution Services.

Sure enough, he debited my bank account. My bank's fraud department is on it and further withdrawals from him are blocked. After making some calls, I found out that he is well-known in the financial arena here.

Sad that in this day and age a middle aged man can't find an honest way to make a living. He belongs in jail.

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